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Thread: Need Help Mentally Progressing To My Age

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    Default Need Help Mentally Progressing To My Age

    Hi there I'm not into this Adult Baby stuff but I figured it would be a good forum to ask for advice in helping to mentally progress to my age of 35.

    I had a breakdown years ago where my thoughts in a period where I isolated myself seriously and spent alot of time mentally regressing where I saw myself as a kid to deal with past issues.

    I eventually started getting stuck and now feel mentally not my age. For example I'll think people look at me as a child or will treat me like one. It has made me not want to shave even looking younger with a beard.

    I look at guys who I could see I want to feel as they probably think but I still have trouble connecting it to myself.

    Would anyone have more advice on how to mentally progress to my age?

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    Pertend till its real for you I guess i went the other way.
    My inner child is close to the surface at one point I tryed give this up but i felt dead unliving now Im ok with my self

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    I also think that people see me as a child. Somewhere I know that I am an adult, but I feel I am a child so I imagine people see me like that, although my brains know different. For me it's not a problem that I think that. It makes me happy. I wouldn't know how to change that. What makes you want to mentally progress to your own age? Is it that you want to live in reality? Are you worried that when you are not connected to your physical age, that people take you less serious?

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    I can understand the idea of not feeling the age you happen to be. I've never felt I fitted into the age group I am at the time, be it childhood or adulthood.

    I used to have great difficulty accepting this but I've come to the conclusion that a lot of people feel similar things and I need to accept that its a part of my own insecurity that is making me think this way as its not effected real life in any way other than how I perceive the situation at the time.

    I honestly don't think anyone is capable of detecting my mental state by looking at me, if they could, they should be in a top secret laboratory in area 51.

    Can I give you any advice on how to feel your age ?

    No I can't, all I can say is you have a gift of feeling younger than you actually are. Its the fountain of youth so many people seek and beating yourself up because of it will only make you feel worse.

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    Thanks for the answers but not this isnt a good thing its a bad thing that affects socializing with anxiety, not feeling good enough to talk to people my own age cause feeling younger. So theres no silver lining in accepting or embracing it.

    Basically I want to know what techniques you used to regress to a child and use those techniques in reverse. Thanks again.

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    I've had that problem most of my life. I looked very young as an adult and a young father, yet I was and am a church choir director and now an educator. Sometimes you just have to keep telling yourself that you are an adult, a man, and that you are good at what you do. Being successful helps, as it puts you into a frame of mind where you can hold your own among other adults.

    I think that part of this goes with who we are. I enjoy regressing and feeling like a toddler. As a child, I never wanted to be an adult. There's a time and place for everything, but at work, we must be adult. Feeling like an adult can help you take control of situations. I think it comes with time and experience.

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    Thats true but Id like to know techniques. Techniques people used to regress I would reverse it to progress.

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