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Thread: Worst experience buying diapers

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    Default Worst experience buying diapers

    I was just curious about everyone's diaper buying escapades.

    Here's mine:

    Last year I was in another State visiting my dad since my parents are divorced. About 2 weeks before, I had surgery that caused me to intermittently wet the bed (like around 5-6 times a week). My Mom, who's very understanding (my parents don't know about the whole DL thing), had previously bought me diapers to help. I was already increadibly embarrassed by this, so I really didn't want to let my Dad know about the wet nights. My mom promised not to tell and told me to just bring a couple of the diapers for the visit. The first night there however, I realized I forgot to pack them! In order to save my self the embarrassment, I decided to sneak out of my dads house after he fell asleep (around midnight) and walk to the grocery store about 1 mile away to get some. The plan was working perfectly, I had bought the diapers and proceeded to walk home with the bag in hand. But as I walked, a police car pulled up on the side of me! An officer told me to come to his window. At that point I thought I was dead, I could feel my organs just drop in my body. He asked why I was walking outside so late (at this point like 1 am). I wasn't going to lie to the police, so I told him pretty much everything, including me trying to hide my bedwetting from my dad. Apparently there was a 12 AM curfew for anyone under 18 in my dads town (I was 17 at the time). Since he knew I lived elsewhere, he said he wouldn't give me a ticket, but he told me to get in his car so he could take me home. On the way, he told me he used to wet the bed till he was 14, and he understood what I was doing. He was actually an extremely nice guy and even agreed to not pull up directly in front of my dad's house (so he wouldn't wake up). As I left, he told me to stay safe, and that he would have to write a report to explain where he spent his patrol time but it wouldn't include my name.

    Although everything turned out to be ok, the experience still freaked the hell out of me! I thought I was going to be arrested with diapers, haha.

    What are your experiences?

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    Whoa. What a unique experience! That officer was a really nice guy from the sound of it. And good for you for being straight-forward and honest about your situation. Two thumbs up!

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    I don't have much because I order on line, but a couple of years ago I wanted some Goodnites, so I went to a Walmart somewhat removed from where I live to make the purchase. I hemmed and hawed and eventually pulled the package from the shelf and made a hasty path to the checkout. It was a busy day and there were a lot of people in the many lines. I got in my line and waited my turn, holding this package of Goodnites. Eventually I was next, and I produced a check and wrote out the amount. The girl at the register wanted to see some ID, so I produced my drivers license.

    She looked at it and then announced, "Your license is out of date." She then got on her phone and called a manager to come over, announcing that my license was out of date and could this be approved for the package of GOODNITES!!! The man standing behind me started to laugh. Yes that's right....LAUGH!. They did approve the check and I hastily got out of there. But ah...the Goodnites felt all the better the first time I used them as they were now emblematic of humiliation.

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    Mine would be the strange looks that I would get from people when I would be walking home with my diapers is a see threw bag. I have wonder what strange thoughts they were thinking. I am a Bed Wetter and needs diapers at night. If some people have a problem with that, then they have a big problem. Not me.

    Get a Hug from your diaper and Enjoy them.

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    Mine isn't from buying but really similar to OPs story. When I moved to Texas I had all my stuff in my car, everything I owned, including the ABDL stuff. There were for some reason mandatory searches on vehicles so I pretty much stood there and watched some police officer look through my bags, including the bag that had my ABDL stuff in it, with diapers, onesie my size, adult pacis. You know the score. I wanted to die and very nearly just burst into tears. But he just sort of asked, "Where're your kids?" and I just lied like "with their daddy." Heh. I guess it didn't even occur to him that the stuff could have been for adults. Or maybe he was being nice.

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    For me, it was the first and only time I went to the Medical Supply store. I went there and bought the diapers, had no choice but to walk home with them in a fairly see-through bag. On my way back (walking because I'm in a city), a car passed by and honked at me, presumably someone I know. Didn't get to see who it was, but whoever they are, they now know I bought diapers at a medical supply store.

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