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Thread: Teddy Bears and stuffed animals

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    Default Teddy Bears and stuffed animals

    Wondering how many night time babies sleep with a Teddy Bear of a Stuffed animal.

    Get A hug from your diaper enjoy them.

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    My wife and I still sleep with the same stuffed animals we slept with as children. For me, it is Littlefoot. For her, Simba.

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    I always sleep with my big teddy, Maf-Maf and my plushie dog, Fluppy. Sometimes Moose and Cow join the party.

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    I get away with sleeping with a teddy bear (named Sam) with people who don't know I'm AB. It seems so much more acceptable to sleep with a teddy bear than any other AB thing there is. Maybe it's a female thing. No one looks twice at the teddy bear sitting on my bed. My mom also sleeps with a teddy bear she named 'Pierre the Bear' and while I guess I can't be certain if she's AB or not, she really doesn't seem like it in any way.

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    Ever since I accepted being an AB, I've gone back to sleeping with Sebastian, the teddy that I had as a baby/child.

    I love the little guy, my parents have never thrown the guy out even if it was apparent I may never sleep with him again, they constantly kept the guy in the house every time we moved and now I don't think I'll ever sleep without him again...unless I need to! xD

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    I have several small plushies of various animals like a crab, kangaroo, turtle, etc. They sit on a stand next to my bed but I don't ever sleep with them.

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    There are ten different plushies within reach of my bed, one of which usually gets snuggled overnight. There's about one hundred other plushies within sight (because they can't all fit onto the bed). Plushies are awesome!

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    I still have my first teddy (Well Koala, my dad was in Australia when i was born), but he's to fragile to sleep with so I have my heppy feet Penguin in bed with me. My teddy lives downstairs so I can cuddle him when I'm watching Tv

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