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Thread: Understanding the "Furry" side of things. :)

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    Default Understanding the "Furry" side of things. :)


    I've been in the market for collecting footed sleepers since the beginning of the year and I've notice, there's this new popular overflow of Kigurumi sleeper-like animal costumes.

    While doing some housework, I thought about buying one just for the sake of having an animal style sleeper, then I wondered "Well, just what kind of animal would I be?"

    This in turn, raise the question as to just how do people become one with their furry soul-mate? I like to think of myself as open-minded as they come and even when I try to think of myself as some sort of animal, I'm drawing a blank. Is it not for everyone or do some people just make better connection to animals than others?

    Sorry if this question is loaded, but I've wondered this for awhile now.

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    Everyone's different.
    Some furries just have a favorite animal, and for others it goes deeper than just liking a certain one.

    I like kangaroos. My favorite color is green. My fursona is a green kangaroo. It doesn't need to be as complicated as some people make it.

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    "Transformation" is also a valid interest and then you get to try on everything! It's all Using Your Imagination so don't be afraid to explore and have fun and see what feels nice!

    Some furs who've had the luck to Always Know one thing they want to be don't always get it, though, or get annoyed at people who're constantly asking for help exploring turning into stuff (finding people who are something interesting and asking for help because they're 'obviously an expert' is a bad habit of mine and other transformation-philes, though not all of them... call it "I Wanna Be Like You-oo-oo Syndrome" maybe and folks are more often confused than flattered, especially since playing that out is a lot more work for whoever's in charge than the recipient-victim-inductee who just gets to enjoy it because it's what they enjoy, d'aww). The 'transformation' community sorta runs alongside the furry community and intersects sometimes, because it includes people who never particularly worried about anchoring themselves to one particular 'character' - and/or might be more into the idea of total animal transformation (or actual puppyplay) than some furries are... furries can be unusually civilized for a bunch of animals, eh wot?

    I found the furry fandom before I found the "TF" fandom and actually -being- -a- -furry- always just sorta made sense... and it wasn't too hard to make a wild guess at first and stick with it for a number of years and explore all the implications of that one character-shape-form while maybe trying other stuff on a more temporary "play" basis vs. what to be when just hanging out "in public" like. But eventually I started changing around so much that (more than a decade in!) I hit a point where I lost track of any particular "default" preference... long list of stuff I knew wasn't fitting but nothing really in mind that did. So was a relief to sniff around and find a few people who were happy to convince me that being doggy would be a good idea... has helped me settle down as something for a while and been kinda unifying with the diaperpuppy adventures I've been quietly up to on the side in places like this. *^^*

    So this would be the "or it can be really complicated!" counterpoint to the 'roo I guess! Anyhey, some people make a lot of characters and some people 'are' one 'character' who becomes a lot of stuff, so there's no wrong way to go about it probably as long as it's fun!

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    In my case I was born a furry. I should have been born a Tiger again but somehow I got mixed up and ended up a humanish. Even from my earliest memories I was a wild child. I was called "Wolfboy" at school even though my inner self is a big cat.
    So being a furry is a part of my life. I AM a Tiger on the inside. I get on very well with animals, less so with humans. Some furries are so animalistic they make great pets. Dogs/puppies are fantastic, they are eager to please and they are happy wearing a collar and leash. *chuckles*

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    When I first became interested in furries, I had an adult cat fursona because cats are my favorite animal. As time went on, I became a babyfur and started drawing my fursona as such. After a couple years, I noticed... I REALLY like how anthro rabbits look! I should try drawing them. Been a bunny ever since. My attitude matches a bunny better, plus the long ears and fluffy tail really are cute. ^^ Just go with the flow, don't rush it. If you want, you'll eventually discover it without really trying.

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