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Thread: Should I start wearing 24/7

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    Default Should I start wearing 24/7

    I am a bed wetter and wear diapers every night. I have stared leaking during the day. Not showing on pants, yet but my undies are always damp. Would like to hear what others think. Should I start wearing diapers 24/7?

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    Back when I was around your age I used to leak a little bit. What I did then I wore female IC pads inside my undies. I tried male guards but never did like them. I wore the pads for quite a few
    years. I still use them when I go to Dr's appointments. I now prefer the Poise Hourglass Ultimates. I like the way they fit through the crotch and they also hold
    my wetting if I need to use them.

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    Like you my incontinence began when I started to wet the bed again, so I began to wear nappies to bed again. Later I started having issues during the day. I started having to run to the toilet and at first getting there on time, then starting to go in my pants, but using the toilet when I got there. This was when I started to wear small pads. Moving on I then started to have full accidents and at this point I started to wear nappies 24/7. This was two years ago.
    I have a choice one is to love in my house near the toilet, or live my life as I want, and wear a nappy. I would prefer neither, but given the choice the nappy wins.
    To answer your question, if your bladder is starting to rule your life, then the time to wear nappies may be here.

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    I have tried the male guards like you and didn't like then. May try the pads and see how the works.

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    Unless you like your damp underwear you probably should. Like stated above you could try pads. I'm not sure about your condition but you might eventually be forced to wear diapers if things get too messy.

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    Thanks. I have been avoiding going to paces where there may be a line for the rest room knowing I wouldn't be able to hold it that long. I have an undersized bladder so living near the toilet has been part of my life. I think it is time to break that being chained to the toilet/ Thanks again.

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    Incontinence can be a symptom of other conditions. If daytime leaking is a new thing for you, please talk to a doctor. This way, you can find/rule out serious medical problems. If you want to wear diapers in the meantime, and you're OK with the cost, go for it. But please see a doctor, for the sake of your health.

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    To me, it sounds like light urge incontinence. If you want to just wear diapers anyway, then go for it, but you can buy cheaper alternatives.

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    Adventurer, been to the DR went though all kinds of test. Found that my bladder is only the size of a 6 or 7 year old's. But thanks for telling me to check with the DR.

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