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    Default Getting bored???

    Ok, I'm sure this has been posted before, but I'm starting to get bored of bring little and getting dressed up...
    Since I started my new job in France, I've had my own apartment away from my wife and family, which means I have been able to dress up and get padded whenever I want to, which has been amazing... until recently... I just can't be bothered
    Being able to dress up when I want is everything I thought I wanted, I have loads of dresses a other outfits I can wear, but don't seem to want to dress up recently...
    Is this just a phase? or have I had too much of a good thing?
    please help???

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    Don't worry it's just a phase. The difference between there and here is that you don't have to rush for that window of opportunity to do what you usually do. And when you're there at your own apartment, you don't have the same adrenaline rush to back it up and you can comfortably dress whenever you desire. Just take advantage of it or give it a small a break and come back to. But that's just my guess. You should consider yourself lucky.

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    BabyHeroSakura... I think you read my mind... That's what I was hoping/thinking... It has been awesome, to dress/get padded all the time, nut there has seemed something missing... I have spoken to my wife tentatively a couple of times... but she doesn't seem to want to know and I totally respect and understand that. I think I'll just pack everything away and wait until I feel the need again...
    thanks for the wise words!!

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    There's a very old (uncited) tale of a chocolate factory that allows their employees to eat as much as they care to. In the story the new employees spend their first few days on the job stuffing face and overdosing on chocolate; they become so sick that they forget about chocolate and just do their jobs. Not to say that dressing up and chocolate have a lot in common but I'm going through a period where I could also be dressing up more but just not feeling it, and it reminds me of forbidden fruit being sweeter

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    Well tonight's going to be the first night in my apartment in 6 months that I don't go padded... I really hope that a couple of nights not padded will make me realise what I'm missing!

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    As someone who falls more on the dl side of things, that comes and goes. Sometimes (like today and yesterday) I feel like wearing. That might change tomorrow, for the next few days, or even weeks. I would imagine it would work the same for ab's.

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    It sounds like you need a break and time for a little vacation would help alot. Although I don't know if it's possible in your situation.

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