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Thread: Buying adult diapers from the store

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    Default Buying adult diapers from the store

    I have seen a few post about buying from the local store. I am a life long Bed-wetter and wear diapers and plastic pants every night . Learned a long time ago if people can not handle the fact that I wear diapers for protection that is their problem not mine. Being diapered has always made me fill like a baby. But I like that fact. I all so sleep with a Teddy Bear and a pacifier every night. Being Adult Babies is who we are. Never be ashamed of who you are. Enjoy your diapers.

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    Three cheers for krallen - I totally agree - we are all proud withion thsi community of who we are so why should it be any different outside it - again like I said in another post I respect those with nosey parents and who live in shared accomodation - but at the end of the day we are all grown up enough and it is for some of us just another thing we like - for some its part of incontinence - but then for thsese its part of life with little shame anyway


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