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Thread: For the best diaper fit, which is better: Weight or Waist measurement?

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    Default For the best diaper fit, which is better: Weight or Waist measurement?

    I'm about to head out to buy some cheap store brand diapers but was wondering which measurements to base the best size off of. I measured my waist at my navel, and it came out as 33 in. Usually this is towards the middle of most medium ranges. However, I also weigh around 175lb and am 6 ft. tall. A lot of diapers have these measurements towards the beginning of their large size. Which measurement would prove more accurate for diaper fitting?

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    Typically your waist is measured below your navel, right where your legs bend when you sit down. So you're probably less than 33". You sound pretty slim so I'm thinking a M would do you. I have a 36" waist and am shorter and heavier than you and a M fits me perfectly. I have never tried a store brand. I wear Tena Slip Maxis.

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    I'm 6'3, 260lbs with a 38" waist and I wear mediums. I think it's safe to assume a medium will work in your case. I have very thick legs, and even then I can fit into most mediums comfortably.


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    I personally go by waist measurement. Though I feel there could be something to weight measurement as far as diaper performance goes. I wouldn't mind if various lower scale brands made a reenforced lines in their medium for us strangely proportioned people.
    Back to the topic at hand ..
    Store brands and low quality to my standards brands like Depend... Typically waist measurement is a pretty accurate guide.
    Good luck

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    waist measurement is part of it and I think leg width is the other. Unfortunately leg width isn't often addressed. I bike enough for lower tapes to be a problem.

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    To me waist measurements are the most important if your talking about taped diapers. Also hip measurements are important as well. You have to remember taped diapers are unisex sizing.
    Weight can also figure into it more so if a person tends to be on the obese side of things. For pull up sizing you need to pay attention to the measurements listed on the package. For male's
    it will be waist which will be more important than hips. Female packing will list hip sizes which are larger than wasit sizing. I would be carefull if you trying to buy female pullup's and they don't
    fit well at all. Also another thing to look for when shopping for diapers when your not real sure you want is to buy travel packs. They contain a small amount of 4 to 6 diapers. This will save
    you some money over full packs if they don't fit right to your liking.

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