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    Is there any bigger baby diapers than pampers baby dry size 6?

    I can get them on fine but they just rip after a while!

    Is there baby diapers or pullups bigger than baby dry size 6?

    I'm looking for baby diapers or training pants not goodnites and stuff!


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    saddly in the US no, you have to go youth dipers the adult dipers. that are some goog baby like adult ndiapers out there bambanos (abuniverse are what i like)

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    There is a Pampers Cruiser size 7, but they're hard to find at a real store. I have a stash of them, but I've gotten more into adult diapers lately so they go unused except when my friend comes over because he's small enough to fit them.

    I've wondered if a baby-ish pattern could be transferred onto an adult diaper with a cloth-like covering with that inkjet transfer paper like a person would use for t-shirts and stuff...

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    Pampers size 7 is not much bigger than size 6. If you are looking for baby sized diapers, you're not going to be comfortable with them. They will rip quite oftenly. You can find size 7 in toys r us or babies r us.

    The small adult diaper market is pretty small considering the overall availability.

    You might have to use Goodnites or Underjams if you want to wear without ripping. Or just go for small adult diapers.

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