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    Okay, so it's not difficult for people who know me to notice some traits I have.
    Example: My manager has picked up on my random need to nibble on or place things in close proximity to my mouth, whether I'm conscious of it or not.
    Just a quirk.

    Do you love to bite, or do you love to nibble?

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    My werewolf persona tends to rip out throats, but in real life I'm typically, not oral. I think it's because I'm germ conscious. Notice I said conscious, not phobic....sigh.

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    Oh yeah, I'm constantly chewing and nibbling on things, grinding my teeth and just messing around with my mouth in general. I don't even think about it; I'm just always doing it. In my case, it relates to my sensory processing issues, as I am constantly in search of oral stimulation. I used to tear apart all my pencils and wreck the collars and top buttons of all my shirts and jackets. Pacifiers can be nice to help with this, but I often need something firmer to bite. Again, it essentially amounts to a quirk, and not something you can really change.

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    See my answer to a similar thread here -0 Yes licking / chewing and being animal like is normal for me

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    Yes, I chew on pens and I sucked my thumb all my life even after I was little but before I got into ageplay.

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    I would have to say I am indeed orally fixated as I tend to chew on things alot (like pencils and pens and needles[i sew])

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    I know this might not be the same, but when I am drawing and focusing to an intense level, I tend to chew on the inside of my cheeks. Which.. in fact hurt right now cause I did it yesterday.
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    I don't really know if I'm orally fixated, but besides thumb and pacifier sucking I'm ALWAYS eating. A couple times I even found myself biting the corner of a kitchen cabinent door!

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    I definitely believe I am Orally Fixated! When I was a baby (actual baby) I never had a dummy or anything, and I remember being very young (maybe 3 or 4) and seeing other kids with dummies in their mouths and always wanting them. As I have grown up I have also noticed certain things about myself like smoking, chewing gum, biting things, drinking from a water bottle or using a straw as opposed to using a glass normally, that suggest I have an oral fixation according to Freudian theory.
    On a slightly different note, I am chuffed that I have just ordered my first dummy at long last!

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    Yes, I do, I ALWAYS have a squeaky chewtoy to chew or nibble on when I go to bed. Even if that bed is at a friends house or a hotel.

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