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    This is probably a contraversial topic but i was just wondering what peoples views were. Street racing has started to become a big problem here in my part of the USA, Granted i take part in it every once in a blue moon. My opinions are if they had more tracks built so people that wanted to race could then less and less street racers would be on the streets. Where i live the nearest track is like 30-40 miles away i cant drive that far because of gas prices. I would like to see more and more race tracks opened around the USA so that we would be able to race safer. I am just wondering if anyone else has the same views that I do about this subject.

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    I think it's a dumb idea to race on streets. One guy at my high school was killed in a street race. He wasn't even the driver, he was just riding in one of the cars when they hit a dump truck. Of course, the driver got pretty messed up, too. To give you an idea how bad the crash was, the story goes that rescuers didn't realize there was a second person in the car until they realized there was way too much blood for one person in the car.

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    Yes we all did it growing up, the older generation will probably tell you they didn't but I will bet they did, we had a local track and it didn't stop the street racers.

    The local track was Pocono Drag Lodge, and it was great at fiirst, and then the insurance companys came down on them, then people like NHRA, killed it off completly, because they came out with so many safty regualtions and restrictions they couldn't afford to operate, and without NHRA backing you didn't get the big draw for the races, if you were not affiliated with NHRA the big time racers didn't want to show, and these smaller tracks, because the money was better at more established tracks.

    And if you didn't have the funny and fuel cars, you didn't get the spectators, and the track lost money, yes the racers payed to race but they used the track, the spectatators just sat there and bought things like food, they didn't use anything but the seats.

    I missed the track when it died, I was there evey wed. night for the grudge races, and every sun. for drags, after that the tracks just kept getting further away, now if I want to play I have to go to Numida, or Mapel Grove, there just too far, and if you have a problem and your race car is the car you drive to the track you can't get home without another major expense for towing.

    I like raceing but it has turned into a rich guys game, I would like to play again but it just cost to much.

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    Street racing is pretty dumb. 30-40 miles isnt very far to go!! used to go 2-3 times that to ride my mountain bike happily. Used to when i got my car at 18 do a bit of racing and looking back how dangerous and stupid it was makes me cringe a bit. specially after i had a car accident doing the speed limit and rolled my car! police couldnt understand why i wasnt dead lol so if i did that at 30 mph god knows wot would have at twice that racing.

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    Street racing is pretty stupid. I'll admit, I've watched a few. But honestly, I think people should just save it for the tracks. That way it's legal, there's an emergency crew in case somebody crashes, and plus, if the cops catch you on a track.. well they can't do nothing.

    I like the way some governments are handling street racing. If they catch you racing, they take your car, crush it, and make you watch. That should teach most street racers to stop.

    When I get my license I don't care how far a track is away from me, I will drive there just to race.

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    Well I don't think we can afford to build race tracks every 20 miles or so, also there's the problem of who pays for the tracks. Here in Stockton, California we got a raceway but its no longer being used for anything I think. They got tracks in Sacramento teens can use but they don't. So even if a area has a race track it doesn't mean everyone will be using it.

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    I used to be fairly active in street racing and as johnathon said so long as if you wreck you're the only person who's injured then I can't really see a problem with it. I mostly raced somewhat recreationally among friends and we did it safely. We had a spot that we found in an industrial area where from the corner of 2 streets to the first stop sign was exactly 1/4 of a mile. It was somewhat uphill so our quarter mile times are nothing to write home about but since the start was on an incline we left some massive strips of rubber.

    We did it responsibly, it was at a corner where there was really only 1 way in and out and we had a lookout on both ends and we didn't race until way after dark when it was deserted. I never had a hot rod or anything, but I had a suped up Nissan at the time and I did beat a number of suped up civic's, a mustang, a V-6 ford probe and a Golf GTI among others.

    Sadly, my old Nissan has gone up to automotive valhalla, may she rest in peace. I no longer have a car worth racing. My current car can barely get out of its own way so I won't even try.

    However, I might be getting back into it I can get my hands on a performance car.

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    I used to do it all the time. I had a 67 Pontiac 326 bored 25 over, crower cam, etc. Then I had a 70 340 Duster, 12.5 compression TRW racing pistons, Crower cam, etc. It was lots of fun but I was crazy behind the wheel. A bunch of us would race through down down Akron, etc, doing 80, 90 mph. I also raced at the track turning in 14's and 13's. Like all good things it came to an end when I became a father. In retrospect, the street racing was both dumb and dangerous. The track racing was awesome!

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    Some of the best races I've seen between amateurs has been on the street. Not saying it's the smartest thing to do, but some people just don't go to the track.

    I was riding with a bud in his 96 Firebird v8 6 spd on the way out to a racing spot and a guy in a gray Grand National pulled up, and, well, stock, the GN would not have been a race, but when we launched from about 30, it was obvious that car wasn't stock! It immediately started walking away from us, and the tires started breaking loose above 65-70. (he was on drag radials, too)
    O.O We were awestruck. the race was over before we got 3rd gear. We talked to the guy later and found out the car was the fastest GN in our area, running in the low 10's. Jesus, it was cool.

    I had a '71 Nova SS that I ran a few times. Much Fun.

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    To those that said if you wreak and die , no one is hurt but you...i call a big time BS...all of you have Familys, Friends that would miss you, not to the mention the Paramedics and Hospital staff that would bust their asses to save you .

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