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    So a long hiatus has kept me from visiting this site.

    I s'pose I should reintroduce myself. My name is Joey (prefered alot! ^o^) or Joseph, I've been an AB/DL since the mid 90's (will go into detail at some point), and have been buying and wearing diapers since January 1999.
    These past few years I have become alot more open with myself about diapers.

    Enjoying the feel of soft, thick, milky white (and other assorted colored) plastic disposable diapers has been a familiar and welcome part of my life. Coming home after work and taping myself into a freshly powdered diaper offers alot of stress relief.

    Also, I admit to owning several large stuffed bears and being covered by them. ~_^

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    *sniffs* Weird smell. . . Fox bunny, should I eat you or cuddle you.
    I love the taste of rabbit, but you're a fox to. . . Weird-o =.=

    Welcome to Adisc, my name is Shadow Sparky Fox. you can call me Shadow.
    Interestingly though, my real name is Josip, which is Joseph in Kroatian.(I am from Belgium though)
    So that's cool, bunny fox in blue. tell more about your work/hobbies maybe?
    Besides swimming in stuffed bears *giggles*

    My job. . . well still a student living off my parents (and owner *innocent smile*)
    and my hobbies are mainly videogaming, but I like tinkering with tech nice too.
    And of course being a mischievous fox is my best kind of hobby!!

    My owner will most definitely drop by and say hi to you to! Because he's a nosey wolfie
    and wants to see what I posted.(Hi owner :3)Watch out!! He does bite!

    And once again welcome!!


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