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Thread: Could Awwsocute threaten Bambino?

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    Default Could Awwsocute threaten Bambino?

    So for the last few days i've been looking at other ABDL sites and seeing a growing number of awwsocute comments and pics. Even tho they cost a bit more then bambinos they are selling very well for a company that just started.

    If Awwsocute continue adding stuff to sell, could they really take a lot of customers from Bambino?

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    If they can bring their cost of their diapers down I think they'll put a hurt on ABU. I think Bambino is to well established in AB/DL market. As they widen out their AB lines they'll
    bring in more customers.

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    I'd second the ol man on that, they need to drop their diaper (product and shipping) prices considerably to be competitive. They may be able to stay in business at this point, but they won't be able to grow.

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    As near as I can tell, it's the same diaper Bambino does with an all over print for much more. I don't see that as a knockout product. It has a place but the price is too high for it to really go far.

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    Did not even think of ABU when i made this post. Its true ABU would be more at risk then Bambino but abu is still a lot cheaper. $17 for a pack of 10 cushies looks alot better then $25 for 10.

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