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Thread: treated like a toddler at work

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    Default treated like a toddler at work

    I just thought I would start a thread about being treated like a little kid or being referenced as being toddler-ish at work.

    For example, at work today we were cleaning up a 100 foot tall tree that fell over last night in the wind storm. There was about 18 inches of brush and limbs I was wading through to get to the topmost branches to chip and I fell down and was on my back. My coworker then came over to help me up, but in stead of just helping me get my footing or nudging me to up a little, he picked me up from my arm pits all the way up till my feet were dangling and my stomach was exposed (glad I wasn't wearing my Spiderman boxer-briefs boxer-briefs or heaven forbid my goodnites) and then set me back down on stable ground. To top off the experience he the said just as he would to a little kid "easy there buddy, be careful". I felt just like a toddler being helped up by a parent.

    Also at this job I sometimes have to sit in the middle seat of our work truck which is at least at least an inch higher than the driver or passenger seats and my coworkers (including the one who picked me up by my armpits) just love to comment that I look like I am riding in a car seat or a booster seat and they even compare me to their own kids who are all under the age of 6.

    There are more examples, but these are just a few of the ways that I take pleasure from working a manual labor job. Does anyone else have experiences at work or elsewhere in which they get treated or refered to as being toddler like?

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    The closest that's happened to me is when I turned up at the office in my overalls and a bright Sesame Street face shirt (I had the Elmo one on) - I didn't look too weird as I wear my Sesame Street shirts a lot, just not with overalls - some of the people commented I looked a bit kiddish but no-one talked-down to me or anything (I wish!).

    One time I wore my Pikachu kigurumi to work - that got a lot of positive comments, especially in the cafeteria during lunch (including someone who I thought I was a hazmat guy from far-away), though still nothing patronizing, hmpf.

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    I had a similar experience. I was visiting relatives for Christmas, and we had to get five of us in our car. I took the middle seat in the back. Since we were all crammed in, someone reached over and did up my seatbelt for me. For some reason, that moment made me feel really warm inside. It was exactly like a little one being cared for. So I know what you mean - and it's awesome!

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    due to my size, yes.
    and despite my appreciating the humour of it, it is annoying (especially when you consider that the same view of you is also held when it comes time for promotions/pay rises, etc).

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    You sound like you must be pretty small, Patrick, if another person was able to pick you up under your arms! I wonder if all particularly small-sized people get treated like children a lot? Ade is making it sound that way! The AB part of me secretly melts inside happily about this, but I know that it must drive some petite people, especially small guys, just crazy!

    I look very young for my age and I am pretty smallish for a female, 5'4, BUT I am very shy and socially anxious and this makes me tend to act in a way that people treat me 'little' -- so I can't say it's only based on my size or looks. For example, when I get seriously anxious I either fully can't talk and go mute or I just stutter a lot. So people tend to raise their voices up to a gentle (non-threatening) level and try to guess what I'm saying or needing. You can see how this behavior leads me to being treated like a kid, regardless of my size! I don't do it for that reason though; it's just the only nice side effect of this at all.

    Both Patrick's and Adventurer's stories melted my heart, *squee*. So nice that you get a bit of your need to be cared for met in little ways once in a while, when you weren't asking for it or expecting it - and when you weren't having an anxiety breakdown like I do lol. I don't know, I bet it's more rare for men to get treated little unexpectedly, so it's just really heartwarming to know that it's not unheard of.

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    I never had that happen to me as I'm 6'2" and taller than almost every one of my coworkers. I'm usually the one they ask when they can't reach something on one of the shelves as my arms are almost 6" longer. For me it almost feels like I'm an adult getting something off a shelf for a little kid... My friend that I normally work with is 6" shorter than me so he is always asking me for help:p

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    This happens to me occasionally.

    One day, I was deep in thought, sitting next to my boss as we worked on a project together.

    My mind was going so quickly, I did not think anything of my lower leg bouncing up and down at the knee.
    That happens sometimes, especially when I'm concentrating hard for long periods at a desk, and my legs get restless.
    I find a little fidgeting, like playing with a pen, or moving my leg, helps me focus.
    Usually I'm at my desk, so it is silent and nobody even sees it.

    Anyway, my boss simply put her hands on top of my knee, and pressed down a bit, which stopped my leg moving.
    I looked at her like "hunh?", and she said, roughly: "Sorry, I found that annoying. My (under 6) kids do it. Did not mean to treat you like a kid".
    She seemed a little embarrassed that she, without thinking, did indeed treat me like one of her little kids.

    I replied to the effect of "No problem, did not realize it was annoying you. Not a big deal." and we went back to work.

    While she does things like this sometimes, I always shrug it off.

    The way I see it, she's a C-level employee and a mom looking after two young kids.
    Of course, she's going to have strong mom instincts some of the time.
    I'm much younger than her, we're very relaxed around each other, and we do work together a lot.
    So it is totally understandable that if I accidentally trigger one of these instincts, she might act on it without thinking first.

    Obviously I've never encouraged it, but I don't want to make her feel bad about it when she does it by accident.

    If anything, it is amusing, or would have been to the people around us.
    I'm much taller than her. So, to the people around us, it would have looked like a woman treating a much bigger guy like a kid.

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    My gf treats me "little" but that's different...

    I've been thinking back to even in middle school and can't find anyone treating me little...

    Although I did try to act and sound like a much older person than I was...

    But, it would have been a different experience...

    Nowadays, Im not working and have lots of issues I need to work around and cope with everyday that it's been really hard to get into little mode even....

    My puppy plushie...he's been neglected the last couple nights...stress and injuries have me down to less than an hour of continue sleep...

    Anyhow, I have witnessed this...and it does happen in the work place...I've even had employees come into my office upset over it...usually women...usually the think it's some sort of discrimination....

    Anyhow, glad to hear that some people are getting a bit of fun at work...


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