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Thread: baby powder causes cancer in females

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    Default baby powder causes cancer in females

    I learned this in my human sexuality class and was shocked. Talc powder has been linked to ovarian cancer when female genitals become over exposed to it.

    Talcum Powder can cause cancer

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    I've known about a link between talcum powder and cancer for decades.

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    Why don't we just submitted everything causes cancer because... everything causes cancer

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    Hardly new. The asbestos-related chemical in talc has been known for many decades. I remember writing a report for high school science class back in the 1970's on the subject when they found the link in "talc dusted rice" (something not uncommon in Japan).

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    most baby powders on the market today are made from corn starch not talcum powder. its been this way for a long time. you can still get talc based baby powder. J&J even still makes it, but the rest of their products and most others are corn starch. like has already been said, pretty much everything causes cancer… so i guess it isn’t much of an issue. just make sure the baby powder you use is corn starch. of course the chemicals used in pretty much all disposable diapers have been linked to all kinds of things as well, your diaper may cause cancer just as well as the powder you sprinkle on your privates.

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    I don't know how true the link to cancer and talcum powder is?
    I think more research is needed before people stop buying talcum powder

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    Lots of things are linked to cancer. I even heard Deodorant is linked to cancer but are you going to stop using it ?

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    talc isn't a problem externally, but IS a problem internally. Don't eat it, don't inhale it, don't get it on a cut.

    It's also been my experience that it makes skin rashes worse. Seems to OVERdry the skin and cause more problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShyBuizel View Post
    Lots of things are linked to cancer. I even heard Deodorant is linked to cancer but are you going to stop using it ?
    I don’t think its deodorant, I believe its the aluminium based, active ingredients in antiperspirants that have been linked to possible cancer. we need to be clear on what were talking about as not all deodorants are antiperspirants. and those that aren’t antiperspirants typically don’t have any aluminium compounds. also, this is much higher risk in women because the female breast tissue is more sensitive to the possible hormonal effects of these aluminium compounds, and womens antiperspirants usually contain much higher amounts of them. you know, because its socially unacceptable for women to sweat. avoid antiperspirants in general, and just use deodorants that use baking soda.

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