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    I'm new here but not new to the scene. I'm a AB DL and a life long lier it has cost me my children and 3 wifes and I just want to be honest for the few years I have. I have been hiding all my life, pretending to be normal whatever that is and fearing that someone would find me, and hoping someone would find me.
    so I'm here 68 years after my birth and as alone as I was then!

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    Hi zangpo, and welcome to the site.

    You say your lying has cost you 3 wives? Are you referring to not being open about your ABDL desires? I'm just making sure.
    It can certainly be very scary to be open about something like this. I'm sure if I was in your age group, I would have been much the same way. I certainly wouldn't have come out about it to my family and allowed myself to accept who I am as early as 20 like I did. I don't envy how much this had to be hidden in the past. Not that it's something to go shouting out nowadays either, but at least things are a bit better tolerated.

    Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your time here. It's great that you're finally being honest with yourself and with us, even though we're people on the internet.

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