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    Default New member with some questions

    Hello all, as a new member i wish to get to know what it is that we all like etc.
    There are so many things i don't know about this subject even with myself, so hopefully asking questions will help me and also so that i can contribute better to this forum.

    One of the things that has always made me curious is wondering how many females have this fetish or anything to do with adult baby stuff.
    Do the females prefer to be the "giver" or "receiver" in terms of role play in the private setting.

    I would love to hear from any females on here who can enlighten me on this.


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    Hello Dave, I am an experience mommy living in Fort Wayne Indiana. I became a mommy and 1996, when I was 23 and was a new member to the diaper pail friends. It was a wonderful organization Okonis at the scene for the whole adult baby community. Glad to see you out here. Ask me any questions that you would like to know about.

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    I am an AB little girl and it's not a fetish for me at all... I am just a big kid. I am also not a mommy and nor will I ever be. Though I have gotten lots of messages from others AB boys wanting me to be their mommy.

    I have all kinds of toys and I have a few pacis, and a bottle too You can ask anything!

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    On your site if you click on the bibs it keeps coming up with the dress. Can't get into the bibs at all ?
    And your play room is missing a nice highchair.

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    Hi there, and thanks for the reply.
    I am interested to know what you do or like being an experienced mommy ?

    I an totally new to this, and often wondered what it would be like to have a partner who liked being the "mommy". Even though in my normal every day life i am not
    a sissy or weeny type person. Quite the opposite in fact...but in our 1% fetish minded world it is there.

    So tell me what you do, and what you enjoy etc if you are ok with that. THe AB world here in NZ is not really existant...well, i have not come across anything.

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