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Thread: Making a more proper introduction.

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    Default Making a more proper introduction.

    Hi Everyone,

    Someone suggested that I make a more proper introduction to ADISC before posting more serious topics for discussion (which I clearly did not do on my first post).

    So, I want to say HI to everyone and to also say that I am a new member to this site. I like what I see, which is a lot of politeness and friendliness, so keep it up. The word is in sore need of such conduct.

    I do not have much of a profile posted anywhere on the web, but I can say that I am not incontinent. For me, wearing diapers is a mixture of choice and emotional need. I am definitely AB and a sissy baby to go along with it. I am male to female transgendered person, which means I have incorporated the little girl or baby girl look into my female side.

    I know no one in person, outside of the kabillion or so posts that I see on-line, who is a DL or AB. It would be great to make friends on-line, but I guess I will have to post and make myself known and earn trust before that happens, which I truly understand.

    I hope this is a warm introduction, and I hope to post with you in the future.


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    Hello Pansybabi, I'm StacyAnn. Nice to meet you. Also Welcome the site. We are happy to have you here. Could you tell us something about you like what you like besides diapers, like hobbies you have and what you do if you have a job? I myself am unemployed right now. Looking for work though. I like computers, and FPS games on the Xbox and some on the PC. I actually just graduated college with a Degree in Help Desk Support. My proper title is Help Desk Support Specialist. So yeah.. Tell us something about you that most people you meet wouldn't know. Again, Welcome to the Site. We are happy to have you here.

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