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Thread: Glowing diaper with UV/blacklight

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    Default Glowing diaper with UV/blacklight

    Have you ever tried to glow diapers with blacklight? There are parts that shines with this light! Mostly the adhesive will glow, but expect some other parts glowing.

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    After reading this I just tried it with the M-4 I'm wearing. Not too exciting, pale in the padded areas with a slight purple glow from the backing plastic though some interesting orangeish vertical stripes in the non padded areas likely from adhesive. A quick look at new folded Moliecare, ATN and Wellness show little as well but the wetness indicator stripes on the last two glow orange and the Atns have weird blue squiggly glue lines all over especially along the elastic lines. I'll have to attempt some photos tomorro.
    Thanks for the tip Jossie!

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    Back in high school I used to have black lights set up in my room. I soon discovered that on the original Goodnites, there was a small rectangle on the back that would glow orange when under the lights.

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    I wonder if some of the obvious 'designed' black light glow sections is a way for manufacturers to protect their products from faking much like the UV markings on money.

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    Anyways tried shining a UV light on the tapes or on the sticky part of the tapes?

    Pretty sure they use to glow but maybe they have changed it now.

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    I happen to have some UV lights here and took them in the bedroom for a look. I checked L3, L4, bellisimo, fabine, breyo, M4, teddy, and tena, and found no specific markings. the only thing I saw was on a couple of them there were "glowing threads" dispersed throughout some diaper padding, due to the use of cotton fiber. (pure cotton fluoresces under UV light, made my XPMed onesie positively BEAM with purple light, it must be near 100% cotton)

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    Quote Originally Posted by digime View Post
    Anyways tried shining a UV light on the tapes or on the sticky part of the tapes?

    Pretty sure they use to glow but maybe they have changed it now.
    Scrap that, went and checked and can't see anything...

    Also seem to now remember that it wasn't so much that they glowed a lot, but more under UV light you can really see the static sparks when you rip the tapes off.

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    Thank you very much...
    Now I feel a sudden urge to go out to the nearby Home Depot and buy a blacklight to try this, and many other things.

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