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Thread: Saying Goodbye

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    Unhappy Saying Goodbye

    First I'd like to thank all of you for participating on this and other sites. I'm not really sure where to post this but felt you all deserved a formal goodbye from me.

    My life has come full circle and I've found myself in a place where I need to step away from the community again. I wont be asking for my account to be deleted like I did the first time. I'd like to give a special thanks to the staff here at adisc, as well as to the long time members that were here during my teen years. You being there as both friends and role models did more for me than you'll ever know. Your guidance not only helped me come to terms with who I am but quite literally saved my life a few times. I don't think I could ever really express how truly grateful I am for everything.

    As of the end of the month I will be leaving for an as of yet undetermined amount of time. Only a few people know what has transpired, some of you may be surprised by my sudden departure but I will explain. A few years ago I found myself not only homeless but severely addicted to painkillers and alcohol. With the support of a few close friends and this site I quit both. I worked extremely hard to rebuild my life. Up until here recently I was back going to school and running my own business.

    I now find myself standing exactly where I was all those years ago. I have no job, no home, and this time no car. I am proud to say that I have at least manged to stay completely sober. I wish I had more to tell you but I'm honestly not sure of anything. "I will be back eventually" just doesn't seem like enough. I appreciate everything you all have done for me and hope to be back soon.

    Best Wishes,

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    Im sorry things are tuff I know look in yellow pages at what you like to do go door to door. Plus go to a truck stop get a driver job book look for companys that will train you you can live in your truck good luck .I did this for 24 years you can make a liveing.

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    Remember life is an adventure. Sometimes even the most difficult times lead us to new beginnings somewhere else. Stay strong and believe in yourself.

    I haven't had the pleasure of knowing you or your story here before but wish you the best going forward.

    Remember, we are all here to listen when or if you decide to return.

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    Well since you have been in a similar predicament before, i feel confident that you will get back on top of things again.
    Believe in yourself, and hope we see you soon.

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