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Thread: First time wearing in years last week...

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    Default First time wearing in years last week...

    Really felt great. I'm in the military, and for obvious reasons couldn't wear at all. Due to to financial and other reasons I haven't been home in a year. Came home a few weeks ago, after being away for a whole year (left last June) and finally got a chance to wear. Had my bags with me and a lot of locks for them, and my parents wouldn't go through my stuff.

    I guess I have changed a lot as a person, because I had no issues casually going to the store and getting diapers while my family was out for coffee. Whenever they were out or asleep I got a chance to wear which is just great, I fell in love with my little secret all over again and no longer needed to constantly wish while browsing the Internet.Tonight I will do it again, maybe even get a little risky and wear my sweat pants. ^_^

    I'm only 20 but this is such a nice break for me to relieve the stress of the military life. Not to mention how many comfortable naps I've had, some while wet. Now I just need to use the rest of them up before I leave again in 2 days. o.o Or throw the rest away I guess.

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    A friend of mine would get a motel room and wear off base some times 10.00 plus motel that may help double up on the pampers two at the same time split the cover on the inside one.

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