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Thread: Help ordering from XP Medical

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    Default Help ordering from XP Medical

    Tonight I'll be ordering diapers online for the first time! I was wondering how I can set up my order so I would be able to pick it up at a fed ex location in the US. Does anyone know the process?

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    I order that way every time. I put my usual info in for billing but put the store address in for shipping with my name on it. I also put something like !!Hold at Location Order!! in the special instructions box. Usually put my phone number in one of the boxes as well. I've probably done this almost ten times at least. Just make sure the store you ship to is listed as a hold at location store on FedEx's website. Not sure if all of them will do it. I always watch the tracking and pick it up same day it arrives. Usually its in a cage behind the counter. You have to show your drivers license and sign for the package. Enjoy!

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    While i have not done this i can see this being extreamly good information for the 18 year olds man wish i knew this back then

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    Will be doing this for all of my online orders.

    Gonna walk in and yell at them for my Abenas, or else!

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