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    I am new to the ADISC community I'm not one to put myself out there which is why I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm a very shy person and tend to keep to myself quite a bit. As for right now in life, pretty much focusing on working.

    I was actually told about this site from a good friend of mine, this person was the one who actually got me into trying diapers. First I was reluctant since I was unsure if they were something I'd try, but I'm glad I did. Now it's hard for me to imagine not wearing them.

    As for other interests, I'm a major movie buff. I love all kinds of movies and televisions shows. Also I love to write, anything from poems to short stories to fanfictions.

    I wanted to get advice from this site at first, since I was just starting to begin my interest and I wasn't sure of anything yet. But I'd like to talk to others who share this interest as well.

    I feel like I've written a book for y'all, but just wanted to say hi 😃

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    Seems there's no shortage of shy people here! I reckon it's par for the course, given the nature of our mutual interest. I'm one of those who 'tuned it out' for a long time under a crumbling mask of 'maturity' and am rather recent to the whole routine myself. Not sure if your friend told you or not; these things can be addictive! My other interests are Guitars, Cadillacs,etc. Er, make that guitars, motorbikes and outdated music

    Anyway, hello, welcome, and take the tour!

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    Hello LOSTGIRL91 and welcome to the group.

    I see you like movies and TV shows. What era do you like?
    I am into the stuff from my childhood AKA the 60's and 70's. I also like the good old type movies; westerns and swashbucklers. Who are your favorite actors and actress?

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Welcome! I'm very shy as well, and I actually didn't post my intro until well after I had joined this community,even though I've been a DL all of my life. I often felt alone or uneasy about wearing diapers, but I love the way they feel and this community is so supportive. It's really awesome that you had a friend introduce you to this place. None of my friends know that I like to wear diapers, so it's cool to hear this from people like yourself. I'm a big 80's geek, so that's my favorite film era. You can't ignore the classics, though, right? Just watched "The French Connection" a few days ago for the first time. Great flick! I'm also a boxing aficionado; I follow that sport more than any other, really. What other interests do you have? Good on you for being creative. You'll have to publish one of your short stories or a poem or two sometime. Best of luck and welcome!

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