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Thread: A real need for baby time.

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    Default A real need for baby time.

    Life has been rough this week. All the part time employees at my job are being capped at 25 hours per week so I have to find a 2nd job. Then my headlight went out and it was 2 days before I was able to get it replaced and I got pulled over two nights in a row.

    I'm sick of being an adult I need some serious little time this weekend. I've got the outfit and my binki but I'm looking for a movie to watch (Something non pixar more on the lines of My Neighbor Totoro) that will put me in the place I want to go.

    Any ideas?

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    Looks like Obama care caught up to your employer as far as insurance costs and hrs go. Here's wishing you and Tinkerbell good baby time this weekend.

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    Some other movies geared for that mindset might be ponyo, or arietty, and possibly kikis dilevery service. I understand the need for some serious little time, enjoy your break

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    When I came out to my wife, that was one thing that I mentioned, that from time to time I would need some "baby time". I know this sounds weird, but even in "little" mode, I enjoy watching scary movies, or really bad, cheesy, Japanese monster movies from the 50's and 60's. Baby likes to be frightened.

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    I do kind of wish I was wearing diapers when I watched Sinister. Most horror movies would be better if I watched them in little mode. I tend to try and hide under blankets or behind my teddy anyway!! At least some part of me could be comforted. And seriously I do get jumpy enough to view the diaper as both comforting and possibly practical. Those first-hand-account documentary style movies get me the worst! My heart flies to the ceiling during certain moments of Paranormal Activity and the like.

    I'm not sure, Kerry, on what to advise because I don't know what you have and haven't watched. Pixar hasn't made all that many films and most of them are at least good, if not great. You've probably seen my favorite Pixar film, Wall-E. If not, check it out.

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    This baby loves being scared too Glad I'm not the only one!

    I haven't seen any of the movies you suggested, but now I want to see what that's all about Boo on the headlight, I have one out also and I'm super irritated because I just replaced the dang thing like, a month ago or less. WTH.

    Happy little times!

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    Anything from studio ghibli...they are all great!

    My favorite is Spirited Away!...

    My second is hard...maybe the cat returns, Kiki' delivery service, or Howels moving castle...

    They are all least favorite was actually ponyo...but still a great movie...

    Pick anyone, but there is something about spirited away that just makes me feel so much more than any other movie I've ever watched...just typing this is hard without just feeling that movie so much...

    I'll be thinking about it till I pass out in a drug induced mini coma...

    I've got to watch it again soon, and I don't re watch many movies...


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    I got Kiki for the weekend and I'm getting Oz the great and powerful and
    yes Oleman it was Obama care and a company that doesnt want to give us insurance.

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    I've been feeling this way as well, inbetween work, assignments, getting ready for an upcoming theater production and just stress from parents in general.

    Thank goodness I'll have Saturday to myself, I'm planning on getting some diapers (or any kind of diaper-like padding mind you) and just attempting to have some baby time of my own on that day. Not just limited to sleeping with a plushie and a paci like I'm used to mind you but hopefully a full blown experience.

    And good choice for a Ghibli movie for your baby time, something from earlier Ghibli (or Ponyo) is always a good idea since it's not that hard to follow and really simple, perfect for when you want to just regress and baby out xD

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