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Thread: does anyone else suffer from incontinence from kakapo60

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    Default does anyone else suffer from incontinence from kakapo60

    Recently I discovered that I was mildly incontinent and wanted to chat with others of a similar nature. I would like to know how they cope with incontinence and which protection they use. Please someone get back to me, thank you
    from kakapo 60

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    I wear 24/7 for my urge IC. I live in the US and buy my diapers online. One of the diapers I use is Tena Slip Maxi's which are also available in the UK. Also you might check into female
    IC pads that are available in your country. I'm sure some of the people who live in the UK and are IC will respond to you.

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    I'm mildly incontinent as well. I can hold a bit, but not that much and not wearing a protection would result in accidents. So I can go the bathroom and use a protection but I'm often a bit lazy and don't try to hold that much.
    I mostly wear Underjams L/XL (often under underwear) which are very comfortable, discreet and I feel secure with them as they are pretty much absorbent if you don't pee fast, so I can avoid changing much.
    I also wear Drynites and in some cases Tena Slip diapers.

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    I have a neurogenic bladder with retention and overflow incontinence. Which basically means I have no control at all and cannot pee voluntarily. If left alone, my bladder will fill to capacity then it will dribble constantly without ever totally emptying. I use intermittent catheterisation to drain my bladder about once every 4 hours which more or less keeps me dry during the daytime (this method of dealing with incontinence is only available on prescription from a GP, on reccommendation from a urlogist). I will occasionally have "accidents", particularly at night or first thing in the morning or when I'm out drinking, so I wear Molicare Soft Maxi pads most of the time, and Tena Flex Maxis at night or when I go out to the pub. The pads and flexis both pull down easily at the front to allow me to use the catheter.

    I get the catheters and Molicare pads free on prescription from the NHS, but the Tenas I have to buy myself. I find that Incontinence Choice is the best and cheapest online place to buy in the UK. If you need to buy from a shop rather than online, bigger branches of Asda stock Tenas, and I think Tesco do too. They don't have the full range though. You could also try Boots Staydry slips, although they're way over-priced for the quality, compared with Tenas.

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    Hi Mickael75,
    Thanks for your email. I too have to wear protection and sometimes I don't try to hold that much. I wear tena or depends as they're about the only kinds of pads you can get here in Ipswich, East Anglia. I would like to be friends. Could you add me to your friends list. look forward to hearing from you.
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    Yep I agree that incontinence choice are the cheapest and best suppliers - total discreet packaging and helpful staff - I use Mollicare Mens pads with retaining pants - have no leakage and can probably hold about 3 bladder full before changing - Also once you decide on the best solution they do what they call case savers which bring the cost down ( in my case ) to about 53p per pad

    As far as coping - it is just something you get used to - maybe you become a bit lazy when you know you are protected but its better than wet clothes and leaving a trail of urine on the floor which is where I am without protection - happy to chat at any stage just message me :-)

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    Hi Kakapo, you're welcome and thanks for your friend request.
    Just a little advice:avoid publishing your email address on a public forum ;-)

    Ipswich seems not to be that small, so I guess you can find some other brands in some stores (maybe Boots or even supermarkets).
    But if you ate happy with the brands you currently use that's alright!

    See you!

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    Life Long IBS C&D with encopresis.. and later- cancer surgery.

    It's been an experience of long back to almost normal times and thence back to no normal for me. with the new normal being never trusting enough to wear nothing- listening to warnings and how long it's been since my last enema. Same with bladder- STAY HYDRATED and empty frequently!

    The details are all too common for us beyond my repeated statement of " find what works for you " and what works for me may not for you .

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    I have IBS issues resulting in partial fecal incontinence, not enough to need protection, but enough for it to be very inconvenient to go without. I plan on wearing protection 24/7 when I move out on my own in a year as it will be so much more convenient for me.

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    I have frequent, high-volume urge urinary incontinence and wear a diaper 24/7/365. The diapers enable me to live an otherwise almost completely normal life. I don't "suffer" from my incontinence. I manage it and live a full life.

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