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Thread: Best Adult Diaper to try out...

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    Default Best Adult Diaper to try out...

    I am thinking about ordering some Adult Diapers online from Ebay and I was wanting to know which ones would be the best choice? (I have only in the past worn Goodnites and Depends, so I am itching to try out a sort of Baby Adult Diaper) Thanks for the help to come....

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    If you want a baby-styled adult diaper, the Bambino's are pretty much the standard. There are some cuter ones coming out but they are expensive for what they really are in my opinion.
    In the regular adult diaper, I still find the Abena X-PLUS (the "4" absorbency) still available in plastic in M and L are still my favorite.

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    If you want a good fit and something that feel and looks like a real diaper try this, get a cloth diaper from babykins put that on and put a ab super dry for kids over the top of it. It keeps its form and it does not bunch up in the middle, you should try it.

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    I'd avoid eBay personally. The sellers don't have a commitment to ship discreetly, and the prices are usually higher. If you're stateside, look at Bambino or XPMedical. Canada, try B4NS or Agecomfort (Cheaper for abena). UK and EU, I think there's loads of sites that are available as well. Ask around perhaps?

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    ABU and other regular diaper retailers use ebay also. They usually list private auctions, where your name doesn't appear in the buying notes or in the feedback. They usually will be very specific about discrete shipping. I would have a reasonable amount of trust in them. Especially of course if they have a good feedback rating.

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    I would try sites like XP Medical, Bambino, and order sample packs of variuos brands from which you can decide what will work for you. The costs aren't all that much and shipping
    is reasonable. Here's a link XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaMpErGiRlKaYcI View Post
    I am thinking about ordering some Adult Diapers online from Ebay
    I'm curious why you'd want to go with eBay as it's often cheaper to order directly from the manufacturers. I suppose an advantage of eBay is that you can order them in differing quantities, but ABDL diapers are expensive and it's best to buy bulk anyway.

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    Yes! Try samples packs it will save you money until you find your favorite diaper. If you want them thick go with Dry 24/7 diapers. Bambino diapers and Dry 24/7 diapers are my favorite diapers!

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    I ordered some Bambino Bellisimo (sample pack of 2). I found a pretty good seller on Ebay with nothing but positive feedback. Reason I chose Ebay... I didn't really want to deal with any other websites as of right now, sort of trust issue as I still live with parents.

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