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Thread: In Regards to Ordering Diapers Online

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    Question In Regards to Ordering Diapers Online

    I am planning to order diapers online from ABUniverse but, I'd like to check out a few things before I do so. I have read the previous threads but I just wanted to check a few things out. I have a UPS virtual box and I'm planning to order with a credit card; Is ABUniverse discrete? I mean not just the box, do they send out any advertisements or anything? I'm not living by myself and just want to be sure I'm not going to get any advertisements or flyers from them. Another thing is that when they ship, they actually remember to go for the 'shipping' address rather than sending it to the home address - I've heard of cases where they shipping address is ignored in some cases and the package is sent to the street address.

    One last thing is how exactly to I correctly format a UPS box address, is it like this:

    [Store Phyiscal Address] PMB [Mailbox Number]
    [City], [state] [zip code]

    I would assume it's simply the same as a regular street address but with the addition of "PMB [Number]"

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    ABUniverse is very discrete, and ships quickly. No mailed ads, but they give you the option to sign up for their email newsletter. When you order, there is a box for special instructions- if you are worried about them mixing up your addresses, maybe you could include a note, but I wouldn't worry about it- they really seem to have their shit together.

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    Indeed, ABU is quite good with shipping from what I've seen. Though, if you're getting Abenas, I'd recommend XPMedical instead. Cheaper for single cases after shipping.

    Also, you send someone your "Kindest Regards" and you speak "In Regard" to something. (English Police! To the rescue!)

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    I'll back up everyone else. I have a 30 pack of Cushies that should be there Friday.

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