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Thread: Wearing through airport security

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    Question Wearing through airport security

    Has anybody gone through the US TSA's airport body scanners while diapered? I've avoided it for fear they'll see it in the scan and it'll turn into my having to ask for a private screening and ultimately revealing it. It'd sure be nice to have it on while in flight though...

    I've had diapers in my carry on bag before, which they didn't care about.

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    LOTS of times. I should worn you I HAVE been pulled aside for private screening and I've been humiliated and stripped before by the TSA. Of course, that was while wearing multiple thick diapers and while wet. From now on, I only wear one dry diaper while going through the nude-o-scope, and change into thicker diapers once past security. It is much less convenient, but it is better than the strip-searches I have had at the hands of the TSA.

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    I haven't dealt with the TSA before, but I've been through quite a few different airports here in Australia diapered. In one instance, a security member saw the top of my diaper as I was loading items on the X-Ray machine conveyor belt. After I stepped through the metal detector, they pulled me aside for a 'random' explosives check and asked me some routine questions. Then they specifically asked about the plastic waistband they saw. Without wanting to cause an issue, I had to tell them it was an 'incontinence pad'. Fairly embarrassing, but they probed no further.

    My suggestion is, if you aren't actually incontinent, just carry your diapers in your bag until you clear security and put them on afterward.

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    I can't believe the TSA would single out a diaper anymore if at all...

    Seriously, there are so many going through the scanners that they see every day its not an issue...

    Think about the amount of people going through the airports every day...then all the ic people...

    I'd say in a major airport they see easily 50-100 per day...easily...

    Being a commercial pilot, I've never really went through the airport security...

    But in the bathrooms if you look you'll see diapers quite ones that is...

    Now, in the small airports, I see them all the time in the pilots lounge bathroom...

    Flying smaller 5-20 seat planes for private or corporations, it's not easy for the pilot to go take a leak, and the relief tube isn't all it's cracked up to be...

    And those long legs, like flying a twin to or from Europe isn't easy at all...I've done it, even with single engine bring extras in your flight bag...worst ever was a 14 hour leg off new guinea ... That sucked!

    So, even quite a few of the large planes the pilots and co pilots quite often wear some protection...depending on their flight plan of course...a dual crew overseas flight is a bit different than a two man crew flying a jumper from new York to say Iceland...

    So, don't worry, wear if you want...not a big deal...there is no credentials that say weather your ic or not...and I doubt they'd ask...

    If they want to look, as for a private area, not a big deal...


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    this topic has come up sooooo many times. there are probably a dozen or more threads on the forum that have all the information you’d need. you really should try doing a search before asking something that has already been thoroughly covered. not to be rude at all, its just that the information is already here. I myself have spoken about this topic in depth several times.

    there is no absolute right or wrong idea about diapers and airport security in the US. the reason is because the TSA doesn’t actually have a proper ‘guideline’ for dealing with the use of incontinent garments, even if you are elderly, as evidenced by how the TSA has treated some elderly people in the past. I fly pretty regularly both domestic and internationally, so I have ample experience. how you are treated, what will be asked of you, and wether or not wearing your diaper through security will be a problem will depend completely on what airport you are at, what TSA agents you are dealing with, what training they have, wether you are screened with metal detector or full body scanner and quite frankly, what attitude the TSA agents you are dealing with are carrying on that particular day. thats just the truth of the matter, and no matter what advice is given here, you may still end up having a different experience.

    as for tips to help make your experience smoother and less likely to be a hassle or time waster, I have a few:

    1. if you plan on wearing a diaper through security, get there early. early enough that IF you should get pulled aside, it won’t cause you to end up missing your flight.
    2. if you are wearing a diaper, it would be in your favour to make sure it isn’t wet. especially if you are likely to have to go through the full body scanner. any wetness will show up on their imagers and could cause you to be privately screened. also, you should avoid wearing more than one diaper or any inserts or ’stuffers’ for extra absorbency. put simply: you should be dry.
    3. if you want to wear diapers on your flight, especially if it is a long flight, you should heed tip №1 and get there early, keep the diaper and any extras that you may use on the flight, in your carryon and once you get through security, simply go to a restroom and change into your diaper before heading to your gate. this is the easiest, fastest and safest way to handle diapers and US security in airports. this is what I do and in all honesty, if your goal is to wear the diaper on the flight, having on or not when going through security doesn’t matter at all. so just simply change after security. its just that simple, and you will avoid all possible hassles embarrassments or delays.

    if you are travelling to an international destination, you should be aware of that nations security and my advice is that you should change out of your diaper or at the very least, into a fresh diaper before exiting the plane, different nations have different security policies and not all airports have access to restrooms before immigration or in some places, security is the first thing you pass through. if you are flying to the UK from the US, as far as I know (I fly into the UK several times a year) you do not have to go through any security to get into the country. other nations are different, and as stated, you should be aware of that. some nations will be more and some less tolerant or understanding of the wearing of diapers. i.e. theres no way to know how security might handle the situation.\

    from my personal experience, I have been pulled aside, been asked about what I was wearing and have had to on only one occasion, go through a full body search in private. my diaper was in my opinion the likely reason for these instances. but that hasn’t happened lately as I don’t wear through security on my way to board my flight. I have also gone through security upon arrival back in the US in a fresh diaper on several occasions in the past year and haven’t had any issues. I believe, despite the TSA not having a straightforward guideline for handling this, most TSA agents are getting better at handling things appropriately and respectfully. but you still may end up having a situation you don’t care for if you chose to wear through security.

    the most basic advice I can give you though is, just make sure you’re dry when going through security. jus make sure of that and you will indeed severely reduce your chances of an embarrassing situation.

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    Hi Sparks,
    I'm Kakapo and new here. I will be travelling to the States in September and use incontinent pads, so am worried if these will show up on the new body scanners, that I've heard about that they now have at airports. Dreading going through whilst wearing a pad, but know it is a necessity for me. I hope nothing is said about it, so I can go upon my way. Only other alternative is not to wear one, until I get aboard the plane.

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    I have worn a diaper through security and I was never pulled aside for it.

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    i've always wanted to be diapered during flight but was worried about TSA. i think the next time i travel alone i will try it.

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    Thanks Calico for your message, it has put my mind somewhat at rest. I shall just have to take the plunge and do it. I suppose in a way, that security at the airports have got far more important things to attend to, than wondering who is or isn't wearing protection. I shall just have to bite the bullet and do it.

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    I just wore one through the scanner last week and had no problem at all coming or going and I wear goodnights

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