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    I know this has been asked several times before, but due to product updates i'm curious what is true now. I just purchased some pampers baby dry size six. Those basically fit me but i'd prefer something bigger--if possible longer height and bigger waist. I'm around a 30-32 inch waist, and only like baby diapers for some reason--although i'm just a dl. Any idea if other pampers or huggies would fit me better or if any are bigger? Also, i liked goodnights, but they don't seem as soft or comfortable.

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    I think that are some kind of Pampers Cruisers size 7, but not really sure. I'm really not an expert in Pampers, I prefer a lot more Huggies.

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    what's your waist size and what do you fit into, if you don't mind me asking..

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    adult diapers are FAR better and I have a 30/32 inch waist myself. Nothing fit properly on me including the size 7 pampers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    adult diapers are FAR better and I have a 30/32 inch waist myself. Nothing fit properly on me including the size 7 pampers.
    here we go... despite the OP saying that he prefers baby diapers.

    OP, try Pampers size 7... and some Huggies Pullups. I would try offbrand too. I have heard that the Safeway "Mom-To-Mom" size 6 Premium overnight diapers are stretchy and really big.

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    yea Pampers size 7 is probaly your best option for a baby diaper but you could also get pull ups and they work almost as good

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    I'm not exactly an expert on Baby Diapers (seeing as I'm a bit more of a "bigger" person), but seeing the above posts, and having a small amount of knowledge, Pampers Size 7 sounds best :3

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    Well, the only baby diapers that i know i used to fit into where size 6 baby drys and it wasnt to bad of a fit. Though im not sure now i stretched them some but the problem is they are just not long enough, from front to back.

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    Pampers 7's are slightly, bigger than 6's but not by much, you would be better off with a small or medium adult diaper.

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    Actually I have found Baby Dry to be the best, along with Huggies Pull-Ups.

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