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Thread: potty training

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    Default potty training

    who wants to use these again?

    i was thinking today why i was out who thinks that the shops should sell toilet training potties for adults like most shops have for the kids and toddlers but big enough and strong enough for the adults to sit on do their business and not get stuck. And they should have these sized potties in public restrooms for the fact of people who dont like using public toilets they have the option of a potty which they could be more comfortable using and not worry about germs from toilet seats.

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    It seems unsanitary and sounds like it would be a hassle to get accustomed to after using a regular toilet after an extended period of time, but that hasn't stopped ABs before :P

    I can see someone who is really devoted to age regression finding a use for such a product, but imo diapers and toilets that flush are good enough. It's also such a niche product that I can't see anyone being able to develop and produce it without losing a large amount of money.

    Don't get your hopes up for these in public anytime soon. They'd be extremely unsanitary and 99.9% of customers would be HIGHLY opposed to an adult size potty training toilet in a public restroom.

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    i know they are unsainitary but so are some public toilets and i miss using these especially if you look at how cool some of them look now which they didnt when i was a toddler

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    Actually, depending on the location, some public toilets are surprisingly sanitary. I know most fast food restaurants get a lot of traffic, but they're cleaned daily as a result and usually are clean unless someone intentionally makes a mess in them. Places like malls or parks don't get cleaned as often and are probably just as dirty though (unless it's a high end mall). Plus public toilets have an advantage in that they can flush XD

    Still, I can definitely see the appeal for some ABs and I wouldn't be opposed to at least trying one just once.

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    that is true the public toilets wear i live ( i live near 2 towns and 1 city) and the public toilets are cleaned regulary in the shopping centres libraries restaraunts and public toilets on the street are clean and sanitary and the only ones that are unsanitary in my opinion are the ones at the bus station in one of the towns

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    If your creative you could build one...vacuum form a top layer from plastic...and reinforce where needed with either hdpe foam or even wood...

    Wouldn't be that hard actually...

    I've vacuum formed things much from air splitters and ground effects for racing...but it's been quite a few years...

    Anyhow, if you want one look on the net for home made vacuum forming and you'll get a good idea about what I'm talking about...

    Anyhow, I doubt they would be within the sanitary code for most places...

    And I live near a large metro area...and it's hit or miss on how clean the restrooms are...but I tend to go to the family ones if possible...

    Good luck...

    If your did make a few I'm sure you'd be able to maybe break even...non counting your time of course...


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    Hummm.... I'd have to pass on the potty... like diapers too training pants...that interesting..

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    One thing I have seen that would make cleanup easier and more sanitary are liners. They sell them for both toddler style and also larger full size toilets. The liners are waterproof and have an absorbant pad in the middle. It would make cleanup much easier as you would just throw it away.

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    I would think making one wouldn't be too much hassle but I don't seem them catching on but would be cute to have an adult sized one for little boys and girls who don't want to use nappies but enjoy the fun of little stuff like using a potty not the big potty

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    I don't like public toilets. As a guy, if it isn't peeing I won't use a public toilet.

    More into the point of the post, it's an interesting theory. I could see if two people would want to role play a toilet training scenario. Beyond that I can't see a a lot of usefulness in an ab/dl situation.

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