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Thread: Nintendo Direct @E3

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    Default Nintendo Direct @E3

    Here is the Nintendo Direct that aired this morning in its entirety for those who couldn't stand the lag in the first half or those who missed it: Nintendo [email protected] 2013 - YouTube

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    How much of it was Wii U shit?

    Wii U either needs a price cut or it will die like Vita. Nintendo should of got KH3 as a exclusive just to watch the gaming world implode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MokatheGroundhog View Post
    A good chunk of it was Wii U related, there was some 3DS stuff mixed in
    Their trying to save a sinking ship that can not be saved. The Wii U lost its "hardcore" gamer during Wii when Nintendo marketed the Wii as family shovel ware central. Red Steel 2 didn't sell well since it was too little to late as most jump to PS3 or 360 by then same with mad world and no more heroes.

    Now on the flipside the casual family shovelware market they had cornered got eat by Kinect or they simply are fine with Wii only. Not to mention Nintendo's been HORRIBLE at marketing Wii U.

    the "mature" games nintendo Wii U has or will have are games that are 2 years old or play better on other consoles/PC. Even EA Sports isn't bringing Madden to the table at least not yet.

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