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Thread: Vintage GoodNites and evolution

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    Default Vintage GoodNites and evolution

    I noticed that many people looks for vintage diapers, but I have a question in mind, what experiences do you have comparing old GoodNites and new ones?

    Yesterday I bought (a expensive) bag of free sample size L, they were made from 1998-99's. When I give a try they feel a lot different than new ones. In terms of size, are not so stretchy, I guess up to size 33 or so. The rise is longer, 1-2 inches, the waist bands are bigger too, 5-6 inches and the padding is twice thicker.

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    Good nights and diapers in general have changed since the original good nights came out
    the good nights I think overall have improved with the exception of the padding being thinner, but over all better.
    diaper companies change their products periodically to make them more appealing to customers and to save money for the company, so the changes aren't always positive.
    the diapers from the 1970's and 80's were bigger overall and a lot thicker then the diapers of today.

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    For years, there's been a really old package of goodnites sitting on the counter of a privately owned convince store/gas station near a secluded lake my family frequents. If I remember right, the package itself is green, with a white 'Goodnites' logo across the front. I'm not sure how old they are exactly, but given the age of the store, and the way that pack looked, I'd guess they're close to the original goodnites.

    Sadly, over all these years I've never been able to buy them because I'm either with my family at the time, or the cashier is someone that knows me by name (we're good friends with the owners).

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    Yeah, that happened to me in 2011, I went to a far away village with my friends, and in that little shop were few bags of diapers, I guess from mid 90's. Unfortunately, my budget was limited and there were chances of buying without being discovered. I hate when that happens, but what else we can do? LOL

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