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Thread: PS4 or Xbox One

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    Default PS4 or Xbox One

    Not trying to start a debate, just curious as to whether anyone is gonna pre-order these. I've already gotten pre-order emails from both PS and Microsoft about pre-ordering, now im just wondering which one to get.

    So just curious to know, which one are YOU gonna get? and why?

    (this isnt a "because x is just better than y" kind of thing, but feel free if you truly feel the need to be a fanboy >_
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    I usually wait till at least a year after a new console is out to see what one maintains its quality and has a decent selection. Though after last night, the PS4 really makes me want to go that direction. I still do PC gaming mostly (damn steam and its sales), but I currently have an Xbox 360 that has some games I have got used, but just haven't popped on in a while because Steam prices can be more tempting.

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    Me myself I have a PS3 now and a PS2 before that so Im going to stick to that and get a PS4. The xbox one is basically a cable box that plays games and rumors speculate that you wont be able to play used games on it and it has to be online in order to run. Sounds too much of a hassle to me.

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    I'll be getting a Wii U first, then a PS4 later on down the road when the price goes down, yeah I'm cheap like that :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by MokatheGroundhog View Post
    I'll be getting a Wii U first, then a PS4 later on down the road when the price goes down, yeah I'm cheap like that :3
    same here except Ill be getting a PS4 first then a few years later I'll buy a used xbox one on the cheap. Thats what I did this gen with the PS3 and xbox360.

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    if I buy any console it'll be PS4. However it's ugly as hell as a console even more so then Xbox One. So I'll be PC gaming until revision.

    Plus both PS3 and Xbox 360 had huge failure rates (like 10% to even 30%) upon launch.

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    Ive always been a play station person and from what I've seen the ps4 appears to be the slightly better console. That said I just switched to pc gaming and have no intentions of getting either one straight away (if at all).

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    I will probably wait for awhile (perhaps a couple of years or so) after the new consoles release before getting one (I don't play video games nearly as often as I did in my adolescence). When I do get around to purchasing one of the new consoles, I am certain that I will go with the PS4, given that I have enjoyed PlayStation consoles over the years. The PS4 also won't put me through a hassle for owning used games.

    I actually started off this generation with the Xbox 360, but I ultimately ditched it in favor of the PS3 due to reliability issues.

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    A lot of both the ps4/Xbox One stuff seems to only be available in the states, so ill be pretty much picking up my console based only on the games. Judging on what I've seen so far, I'll be getting an Xbox One. I hope the NFL partnership thing works in Europe though, redzone would be perfect on my tv!

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