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    Default Camping in Washington?

    Does anybody know of any place anywhere in WA state that one can go camping in diapers? I'm talking about walking around out in the open, in nothing but a t-shirt and a diaper. Without somebody calling a cop? Preferably not someplace I have to hike a bazillion miles and worry about snakes too.

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    i wouldn't imagine any of the state parks or other camping areas around here would be to fond of someone doing that, i don't think its illegal just more of a courtesy issue. your best bet would probably be one of the more secluded areas,like mountain campgrounds, without park rangers, but it is summer time and those places become quite popular this time of year and i don't think anyone likes camping in the winter time especially here with all the rain lol

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    Anyplace you might go that won't have people is going to be remote, that's just how it is. Olympic National Park is huge and not that heavily trafficked but you'd have to go further afield to find parts where there weren't people and then of course you run the risk of being harassed by animals while just in a T-shirt and a diaper (oh, the humanity!). I've had walks on Mount Saint Helens where I saw no one but the friend I brought along but I don't think one can rely on that. There are a lot of people and you never quite know where they will turn up. I would say it's on a case by case basis. Look around for places you would like to go and see what presents itself.

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    used to own a bit of acerage out in the middle of nowhere, spent a couple of weekends camping there before I unloaded it. there was an old abandoned A frame house on the next property over (all set up to hook to a power line that never came) I spent those weekends in nothing but a diaper and shoes (and burnt the living daylights outta myself) it was fun tho

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    There are actually a lot of out-of-the-way camp sites which are maintained by WA DNR. They usually only hold one, maybe two separate camps, but are typically no where near towns. However, many are near roads, albeit remote ones.

    If that interests you then take a look at the DNR site or any of the camping and hiking sites for our area. No please is truly free of people though, unless it's on private property.

    I've often thought about doing this too, so I'd be curious to know what you learn!

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    If you're looking to go outside diapered (something I've done a LOT as a longtime outdoorsman) know that this is probably not the best time of the year to do so.

    Seriously, when it comes to being outside in just a diaper, this in NOT the time.

    1. Bugs
    2. The heat, add a thick forest canopy and you have humid sweltering heat.
    3. More popular time for newbie campers/hikers to be out, thus a greater chance of being seen.
    4. Bugs.
    5. Lots of rain/bad weather this time of year
    6. Did I mention bugs?

    Do yourself a favor, and wait til early fall!

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    Ah camping, an excellent use for diapers, especially at night when the creepy crawlies come out and the toilet is far away.
    We have ticks at our camping site and i have been bitten at night so diaper are a potential lifesaver when we go camping.
    The only time i would wear only a diaper at a camp is within the tent, then a gown when i go outside.
    A remote place is not a good idea, what if something happened resulting in search and rescue finding you in a diapered state in bad shape.
    Im sure TV/cable networks would be interested in that story.

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    Try Sunbathing at Long Beach peninsula. Lotsa little places to sneak into that don't show anyone, between beach logs for example, and the vistas to see are a long way not close enough to make out what you might be wearing...

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    I'd steer away from public state park paid campgrounds. Bad idea for this activity. What you're looking for is more remote. In WA and OR state, that means east side of the state and not west side. The amount of people in the east is trivial comparatively. There are some good potential places that are driveable and camp worthy in the mid cascades outside of Yakima on the east side half way up the hill toward chinook pass. Go find a logging road and find a meadow in the woods 45mins up off the main hwy. Camping is free for 5 days (or some similar set time limit) and you shoul have few visitors).
    Lots of spots like this in the blue mountains in se Washington, ne Oregon as well. Very lightly trafficked logging roads on public land.

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