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Thread: Diaper rash treatments

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    Default Diaper rash treatments


    I wear almost 24/7...

    I've tried all the remedies on the market, from bordouex butt paste, to fancy diaper rash balm that's organic and natural...

    Wondering if there is any products that people have used and work great...

    I've tried the normal, wal mart stuff...maybe even a home made cream or balm...

    Just curious.....well, actually have a bad rash right now going on day 4...


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    I have found that Blue Star Ointment, helps a lot. I get it at Walmart.

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    Diaper rashes can range from slightly irritated skin (redness) to itchy and red sores about the size of a pea. I use Desitin and Arrow root powder on a daily basis to keep rashes at bay. However, if your rash becomes itchy red sores, you should try a medicated powder or cream with Miconazole nitrate (I use the powder version). This is an antifungal agent that, in combination with zinc oxide, will get rid of rashes in just a few days. However, the best way to reduce rashes is to change your diaper more frequently and allow your skin to air out on occasion. Hope this helps.

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    Try bag balm it works very well my family uses it on all their baby's never ever got a rash.

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    Thats what I use. Growing up on a dairy farm it was used for everything from chapped teats on cows to diaper rash to chapped hands. Everyone in my family has at least one jar in the medicine cabinet and one in the barn.

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    Sudocream is the best. . For nappy rash sore hands and sun burn.
    Just my opinion.

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    I'll try some of those...

    The bag balm looks promising...

    I was using the powder...

    Anyhow, sometimes like a week ago, I end up hurt or something that gets me not too mobile for a bit...and well, dry isn't quite as easy...

    Last week broke two toes...didn't know till later...they are on my bum foot...and no feeling got to take a few days without using it...when you can't feel your foot it seems to get beat up in so many ways...a several day old splinter was issue a couple months ago...

    Anyhow, is getting better right now, and hope it goes away by tomorrow nite...


    P.s. thanks for all the ideas...

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    Some baby wipes are very irritating to the skin. Also, some lotions, powders and similar products can aggravate diaper rash. For a while, you might need to use playing washcloth with warm water on them. Good luck

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    I used A+D Diaper Rash Cream the Treat one. It took 2 days and the rash was gone. I tried the Prevent one and it did not work for me. I still got a diaper rash. I got mine at Target.

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