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  • Sony

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  • Vizio

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Thread: What's your Preferred TV Brand?

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    Default What's your Preferred TV Brand?

    Something I've never seen asked here, and I've never really thought of until today. (Funny, since we're always discussing favorite brands of other cheap, disposable items :P)

    So tell us - What's your favorite brand of TV?


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    I've never had a bad experience with LG and they are brilliant to deal with over warranty claims (our TV was damaged in a lighting storm and they repaired it with no questions asked).

    Edit: your avatar is one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

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    Thanks! It's the only piece of art I've personally paid for in full.(Had a few Tavi badges gifted to me by some friends, though)

    Yeah, LG seems to be pretty solid in my experience as well. Personally, my gaming TV is a Samsung, but I didn't buy it. (My uncle did, and he's big on supporting Korean companies, as my family is largely Korean. He's the sort of fellow whom owns a car lot, and if a car needs new tires, will pay the extra $20 to have them be Hankook brand)

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    My iPhome is my favorite tv. Being blind means screen size means nothing.

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    I've never had any issues with my toshiba. I primarily use it for gaming. My new laptop is also a toshiba and the one my mom has is over 8 years old and still running strong! I have heard that certain Vizio models had issues though i highly reccommend looking through a recent Consumer Reports magazine. They do reviews of all the latest electronics.....

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    I've known someone with a Vizio, and the colors seemed almost too vibrant. Made my AMOLED screen for my phone looks muted. I feel as though it was a color miscalibration. My aunt still loves it, though.

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    I hate my LG TV. It crashes all the time (changing channels "too quickly" usually does it, but it also crashes completely at random). I don't even use it as a TV any more.

    We tried to get it repaired (under warranty) a couple of times, but the engineers failed to fix the problem and (due to personal circumstances) we never got round to demanding they come back again and fix it properly. Apparently LG used some really cheap capacitors which have a habit of leaking and causing these kind of problems. I found loads of websites online with other people complaining about the problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eulogy View Post
    So tell us - What's your favorite brand of TV?
    I'm not sure I understand the question. I hate my LG TV, but there are probably some LG TVs that were made with decent capacitors. In fact, each company/brand has so many different TV models, I don't really understand why you would have a favourite brand. Doesn't it make more sense to like "good" TVs and dislike "bad" ones (i.e. judge each product on merit), rather than to support a brand as if it were a football team...? Although I can understand why you might want to "blacklist" a company for their past actions -- e.g. I'll never buy anything made by Sony because of their contemptuous attempts to infect their customers' computers with malware... But I wouldn't have a favourite brand...

    EDIT: Tee hee... I thought LG stood for Lucky Goldstar, but thankfully the forum has expanded the real company name when you hover over it. Next time I'm in Curry's I'll have to ask if they have any Little Girl TVs...! (Although I fear that they'll try to sell me a transvestite...)

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    I used to have a massive 50" Sony bravia which was by far the best tv I have ever owned. I lost it due to theft and didn't have renters insurance at the time.

    Now I just have a 32" vizio which is "ok" ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    I hate my LG TV. It crashes all the time (changing channels "too quickly" usually does it, but it also crashes completely at random). I don't even use it as a TV any more.
    while LG has usually (or rather, initially) offered big bangs for the buck, some of it's gear is dire.
    i've got an LG PVR HDD DVD-Writer with all the knobs and whistles and, same as Mr. tiny, it constantly crashes. it's the reason why i splurged out on a cheapo 22" LED DVD USB-PVR gogglebox, the brand of which i can't recall (let's just say, Tesco).
    personally, i'm not too bothered about telly brands as most have the same guts and firmware. and with the available technology advancements and modern corporate styles, brand names change and come-and-go like the wind.

    incidentally, the operating issues suffered with my LG PVR follow on from similar issues with an LG DVD Recorder which i bought some years before, when LG was then a no-name brand.

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    Seems like Samsung is pulling ahead. Makes sense, they're generally reliable in my experience. (And I've never seen/had one with poor color calibration)

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