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Thread: Resizing your body?

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    Default Resizing your body?

    I am not sure how to put this or explain this but let me give this a shot...

    So I am 24 years old

    I am about 5'9

    I weigh about 170

    My waist size is about 32-32

    One what baby diapers "could" fit me

    Two any way to slim down while still being healthy

    IF you guys have any experience with this please post your stats and suggestions for health regiments.

    Thank you ;p

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    One: None.

    Two: You can't "slim down" that much short of doing something really stupidly unhealthy.

    It's not the waist that's the limiting factor, it's thigh width and crotch height.

    Learn to enjoy and embrace adult diapers. They're comfy and absorbent in ways that baby diapers are just *not* going to be for an adult. If the looks bother you that much, that's what plastic pants and diaper covers are for ^_^

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    I want you to take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror.

    Now think about what a baby looks like.

    Now think of the term 'baby diapers' and tell me if you think you'll be able to fit into them?

    Common sense people!

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    The largest baby diapers on the market are Pampers Size 7. They're designed to fit a child who weighs 41 pounds or slightly more. There is simply no way for a 5'9" adult to fit into these. Going on a diet won't help. Your pelvic bone is too big for you to fit into a diaper meant for a small child.

    If you want to wear a babyish diaper, try Bambinos or one of the other adult-sized diapers that are marketed toward ABs. Or put stickers on a regular adult diaper. Or wear plastic pants with baby prints. If you're determined to use actual baby diapers, you can use them as stuffers.

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    meh darn was worth a shot if only i was smaller >.>

    any way so any suggestions for functional full time diapers that are not hard on the wallet

    I wear goodnites xl as that is the closest i could get to what i wanted as a safe buy. i want to try under-jams but i have no clue about them

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    Unfortunately diapers are not my area of expertise! Common sense is though!

    We have reviews in the articles section (look at the top of the page, click articles) which might help you though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zebus View Post
    any way so any suggestions for functional full time diapers that are not hard on the wallet
    It depends on what "functional" and "full time" mean for you. Do you care about being discreet, or are you just looking for the most absorbent diaper you can find? Are you planning on wearing diapers full time while still using the bathroom, or are you also planning on using diapers for one or both of their intended purposes?

    If you're planning to wet, you definitely want a diaper that's designed for adults. Trying to squeeze into a product that's meant for pre-teens is asking to get a leak. You also need a diaper that's thick enough to hold at least one major wetting without leaking.

    If you're planning to keep your diapers dry most of the time, you can get away with wearing diapers that are thinner (and thus both more discreet and less expensive).

    There's a lot of controversy among ABDLs about diapers with cloth-like covers. They definitely make less noise than plastic-backed diapers. If you like the crinkle, that's bad, but if you want to be discreet, that's good. I don't think they control odors as well as plastic-backed diapers, though.

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    Whew. At least this wasn't what I was afraid of. You know, another "Could a doctor remove _______ of my _______ to make me more like a helpless little baby?". I think I would've flipped my desk if it was one of those.

    Also - In regard to affordable day-to-day diapers, I would recommend either Abena M2/L2s, or if you're okay with the bulk, M4/L4s. I wouldn't really recommend Bambinos at all, mostly because if you ever get caught in the restroom by someone, it's a lot easier to explain away a medical looking diaper than one with bunnies on it. (Though I do love bunny pants :P) I don't know whereabouts you are, but if you're in the US or Canada, you can get them cheap from either XPMedical(US) or AgeComfort(Canada, but these guys ship only mostly discreet, shipping label says AgeComfort, and just has tape over all Abena branding)

    If you can't order online to easily, I'm always fine with recommending the top tier in house brand of your choosing. They'll all perform about as well as Depends, and aren't too expensive. (Albeit in the end, they usually run only a few nickels cheaper than ordering quality diapers online)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eulogy View Post
    Whew. At least this wasn't what I was afraid of. You know, another "Could a doctor remove _______ of my _______ to make me more like a helpless little baby?". I think I would've flipped my desk if it was one of those.
    We can rebuild him we can make him smaller cuter and less stinky.

    As for diapers I think a cloth back would be better atm i work in a room with about 20 people in it. As for thickness I am not limited i guess because there is no real dress code where i work so i can get away with semi baggie pants so...ya not sure

    enjoying this topic has been fun so far even if you cant size down any one got some fun ways to exercise...atm i ride a bike to work its not that far from me


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    Agree with all the not going to get into baby least and have them work...

    Now, myself I'd recommend the abena and the 24/7 which are back ordered at the moment anyhow...

    As for wearing 24/7 I pretty much ready for a diaper rash or two soon...I've been wearing for 41 years and I currently have a serious rash at the moment...

    As for workout, I used to work out every day for years, played football, even some semi pro...

    I would got ballys in the morning for 2 hours...goto work...then ballys again for 2-3 hours...

    I'd suggest getting a trainer and joining a decent gym if you want to get in serious shape...

    In 1990 I was 6"1" 265lbs wearing a 48" coat
    In 1991 I was 6'1" 325lbs wearing a 56-58" suit coat...
    In 1992 I was 6'1" 350-360 wearing a 58-60" coat...

    Now, I'm 5'11" 250lbs have a gut, can't walk too much, and dont wear suits anymore...

    If you get a good trainer for what you want to do they are great...

    My brother wasn't into football...but wrestling and track...even in his regime and calorie intake was way different than mine...

    So depending on what you want there is lots of things you can do....

    For general fitness and fun...I would suggest swimming, waterskiing and some biking...Back in the 90's I could do 26 off most the time...I also have a friend that used to compete and has his own course...

    I know that all the running over the years took out my brothers unless it's needed for what you want keep the impact stuff to a minimum...

    So, first off what do you want your body to do...being skinny isn't necessarily in fact I wasn't the heaviest of the line when I played semipro...


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