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Thread: Living at home and using diapers?

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    Default Living at home and using diapers?

    Hey! Is there anyone that still lives at home and has the chance to use diapers?
    Last time i wore diapers is over half a year ago

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    All the time. I'm 21 and have my own stash. I don't work currently but hope to change that asap.

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    I am 21 as well and I use my diapers every Monday through Friday. All my brothers have internships in the city while I am stuck at home taking summer courses from my state university. My mom works everyday from 8-5 and my dad works out of the house, but is always in his room making phone calls and writing(he's a lawyer) so I have the whole house to myself. Whenever he does leave his room I am always extra careful. I change into a diaper in my bathroom and dispose of the diapers before I have class. I have my diapers inside a locked bag under my bed which is inside a cardboard box. My parents know about the box but they just think is full of older notebooks and papers.

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    I still live at home with my parents, and I'm in your situation, I don't have the chance to wear diapers. It's a bad combination of work schedules from my brothers, people that enters my room and lack of privacy, it's awful.

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    I split my time at my folk's place and my grandma's farm. My stash is pretty easy to hide because it's so small, so I stash diapers up in the attic at home, and in a trunk out in an old treehouse at grandma's.

    It's usually easier to wear at my grandma's farm because of the size of the property, and the fact that it's in a very rural area. Plus my grandma may already know about the diapers, so I usually am not as cautious as I am around my parents.

    At home, I usually only wear at night, or when I'm sure I have the house to myself. The way my family is, I don't have much privacy or alone time...but I still manage to find opportunities to wear discreetly around them. Not an easy task, since my usual diapers are mostly teddy bambinos.

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    I live at home, but I live in our finished basement. When we moved in, I found a false wall, and I stash between 550-600 diapers in there at any given time. I sometimes fear someone will find them, but other than people doing laundry, I'm the only one in the basement.

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    I wear all the time at home - mainly in my room. In the winter I'm known for wrapping up in a blanket and working at my desk for a few hours, so I can get away with wearing under my clothes. Its pretty nice that my parents don't go in my room.

    Also helps that my mother knows. She agreed just to stay the hell out of it. I still wouldn't want her to see me/know I'm doing it.
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    I'm living at home right now and I purchased a trunk with a padlock that keeps my ABDL stuff safe from prying eyes. I have it good, at the moment, because my mother seems respectful of my privacy as I am respectful of hers. She doesn't come upstairs hardly ever so I basically have this whole floor to myself. My mom has only once come upstairs to my room by 'surprise' and that was because some nearby place was setting off fireworks and you could only seem them from the upstairs rooms. I'm sure if my door was closed she would have knocked but my door wasn't closed then, anyway, and I wasn't wearing diapers or anything!

    I have a PO Box for deliveries of ABDL things like diapers. I have the locking trunk (opened with keys). Those are the two things making life really easy for me, that I'd recommend. I don't do big full days of wearing, but at night I can wear to bed without any hassle or fear of being caught.

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    Im 19, and live at home with my mom, my moms partner, my sister and even have a roommate that shares a room with me. No one knows that i wear, but everyone in my home is very respectful of privacy, we also all have locks on our doors. After a while i figured out everyone's schedule and was able to wear freely in the house. I also go to school and wear discreetly to class. In my opinion, its pretty easy as long as you learn schedules and dispose of your used items right after use.

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