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Thread: Help on wearing diapers !

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    Default Help on wearing diapers !

    Hello guys,

    For years I have had diaper related interest but refrained from embracing them. Throughout high school I wanted wear them but due to band and other after school programs I didn't have the time and/or the money to purchase them. Well I recently graduated and now I want to try out wearing adult diapers. I'm not incontient I just want to wear diapers for pleasure and interest. (Not to say I won't use them) I have one slight problem though. I know little about adult diapers.

    So far I've heard buying diapers online is the best way to get them. However I cannot currently purchase them that way and have to purchase them through stores.

    Could you guys give me some advice and tips on first time diaper shopping/ wearing. Like what are good adult diaper brands and what should be bought with them. Also if there is another fourm on this topic could you link it here. I would REALLY appreciate it. Remember I know very little about wearing adult diapers. Also I prefer higher quality shit XD !



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    I currently live In the United States. South Carolina to more exact.

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    Hi ShyBuizel. Unfortunately these are indeed quite the opposite of "high quality shit", but they are seriously-easy-to-buy shit! Not been to your part of the USA, but Walmart is everywhere.. They will have Depend Protection with Tabs. They are a white, plastic, simple diaper, with 3 tapes on each side. They don't cost too much, have about 20 in a pack, and hold a bit of pee.
    Then you have the Walgreens or CVS options... fitted briefs... they are now fabric-backed diapers, but again hold a small amount. Nice and comfy to wear. Again, not going to set you back too much financially.

    If there are any bigger pharmacies, or medical supply stores within your reach, then they are worth checking out for better products. You could find quite poor Attends, or more interesting Tranquility ATN, or perhaps Molicares. Quite often during my travels also Tena Super. They are probably my favourite of the easy to find diapers in the USA.

    Good luck!

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    Depending on what sort of experience you're looking for, you might want to get baby powder, baby oil, some sort of soft lotion or etc. I'd advise against buying these with your diapers at the same time (or even the same store XD). Those are more basic items; if you want to indulge a little further, get a pacifier to suck on while padded (silicone preferred), stuffed animals to cuddle, and maybe a baby blanket. Once again, I would advise against obtaining these while buying adult diapers.

    It really all comes down to what experience you find the most fulfilling. Do you want more health care type products for a DL experience or more baby-ish/age regression products for an AB experience? Stuff like wet wipes are more pertinent if you plan on messing, for example, but things like coloring books and crayons are more pertinent if you're looking more to experiment with age regression.

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    You can order some of the better diapers (attends ,etc) at WalMart.Com and have them shipped to the store where you can pick them up.
    As other's pointed out, most of the retail diapers are crap.
    The Assurance at Wal*Mart, while cloth backed aren't too bad (or the Member's Mark equivalent at Sams Club).

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    Well thanks for the advice. I guess I'm looking for a either/or experience (a little of both) I will really keep in mind buying diapers and accessories separate. Knowing me I would have bought them together.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks all you guys so far the the very spectacular advice. I REALLY appreciate it :3 Remember I read everything so any little thing matters !

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