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Thread: Protection Plus Contoured Briefs

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    Default Protection Plus Contoured Briefs

    I ordered this brand, which is a medline product. Its plastic backed as well . But has anyone tried these, or heard of them?

    Here is a link:
    Protection Plus Contoured Briefs | Medline Industries, Inc.

    Thank you.

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    I have heard of them but I think their a low quality diaper and not worth the money
    but that's my opinion.

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    I have to agree, I've tried other Medline products. They are terrible and not worth it. I've given the rest to goodwill. They hold almost nothing and you can actually squeeze liquid from the padding. Sitting down in cold pee and having it leak out without being at capacity and it feels almost soupy.

    If you are trying for a cheaper product, go for Tranquility ATN next time. Even Tena Super briefs.

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