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    Exclamation Diaper Problem

    So here is my problem, The new cuddlz diapers look damn cute, But it has one strap in the middle and no matter what I do, It either comes off, Stretches, Or the top of my diaper isn't tight. This is leading to leaks from the sides, It will not hold. I like to move around a lot. I have tried putting them on lying down and stood up. Nothing seems to work. Any one have any advice on how to deal with a one strap diaper. I just got used to two and now its changed, For the worse I believe.

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    The ABU diapers have only one strap per side also
    but that doesn't work very well for adult diapers
    you could try packaging tape or a different brand of diapers

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    with diapers like those it's probably best not to tape them down nice and tight, but rather just firmly in place and a tad loose. As for abosorbancy, i would try a baby diaper stuffer or 2. Are you flooding your diaper at all? Flooding on those kind of diapers might be too much for those to handle

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    Its not flooding, Just leaking because the tapes keep coming apart and leaving it to loose down the sides

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    It's the reason I don't order one tape diapers, the fit is terrible. You should tape them a little more loosely, and after that rub the tape a little bit for like 10 seconds. Try bringing the back side ever so slightly higher than the front, and point the tapes a little downward pointing towards the crotch. Try pulling the side panel up and over the hip rather pulling it straight to the taping zone. While pulling the tape from the back have the leg gatherers being snug, not tight.

    Just remember these diapers are meant more for look and replication rather than performance. They won't have the best fit as you've already discovered. Don't food your diapers, instead, let go in multiple shorter streams to allow the diaper to function better.

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    I have some single tape Abu's...they are ok, but not for an overnite diaper ... More for fun...

    As for better leak control...i tend to wear a pair of underwear and vinal pants...and usually a onesie...for bedtime...

    My take!


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    There's a reason adult-sized diapers not designed for ABs have two tapes. To have a really snug, secure fit on a big boy/girl bottom, you need an upper and lower point of attachment.

    The one-tape thing is form over function for the AB market only.

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    Thanks for all the feedback, My solution will be to change brand sadly. Can any one suggest anywhere? Has to be able to deliver in the UK


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    I am new here but I am using cuddlz adult nappies which have two fixing tapes per side and have been able to really soke them without many problems. I do wear plastic pants to keep them in place as I found any leaks were more due to it not sitting close enough to my body.

    If you change brand I would be interested I think although cute there expensive but looking at incontinence diapers most seem really thin and do not give the baby look my Mistress desires.

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