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    Ode to crinkes
    by Bambinod

    So here I sits enjoying crinkles,
    just in case I have to tinkles.

    All my tapes are pulled up tight,
    blue tabs standing out on white.

    All my used are tossed in hampers.
    (kinda wish the brand was pampers)

    One stripe blue, and no stripe green,
    I guess my padding still is clean.

    My powder's white and lotion's pink,
    and scented sweet in case I stink.

    In my dresser hides my stash,
    I'll restock soon, still short on cash.

    Leak guards and leg elastic flex,
    but I hate leaks, make frequently checks.

    I'll hide my secret with baggy pants.
    (but strip back down when I get a chance)

    Then walk the town without a care,
    and relieve myself most anywhere.

    Meet up with friends and somewhere go,
    I wonder if they really know?

    At the movie they'll walk the aisle,
    as I just sit back, relax, and smile.

    I'll change when I get home tonight,
    and pad up thick and high and tight.

    My mattress is safe, I'm not concerned,
    Good taping techniques I have learned.

    Four tapes later and ready for bed,
    Better sleep on my back tonight instead.

    My feet won't have to touch cold floor,
    I'll wake and wet and sleep some more.

    I overslept and woke up soaked,
    but my sheets are dry and I am stoked.

    I waddle into the living room,
    not even wearing fruit of loom.

    Sun shining through the window bright,
    but my eyes are still used to night.

    I stare out at the world today,
    and see my neighbor look my way.

    I smile and wave to his surprise,
    I think I saw him rub his eyes.

    Sit down at the kitchen table,
    Grab a quick breakfast if I'm able.

    Orange juice, milk, it doesn't matter.
    either way refills my bladder.

    Corn flakes for now, banana can wait,
    I'd better get moving, I'm running late.

    Baggy pants of course for school,
    if I got bused they'd be so cruel.

    Can't bring a spare, the pack's too small,
    No chance to change in school at all.

    At the bus stop, two are staring.
    Can they tell that I am wearing?

    I'll sit by myself with no one around,
    but what went *squish* when I sat down?

    Oversleeping, my morning routine was strange,
    In my rush I forgot to change!

    It's going to be a long day now,
    I'll make it through, some way, somehow.

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