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Thread: Books that bring out your girly side

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    Default Books that bring out your girly side

    I've always loved to read, and lately I've found that certain books really bring out that inner little girl in me. Most story books do this. I bought one a while back called "My Little Beauty Shop", and while it's simple, it does make me feel little every time I read it. Most sorry books are wonderful for this.

    Some children's novels do this, too. When I read Beverly Cleary's Ramona books, or Roald Dahl's Matilda (where I got my LG name), I find I really relate with how the characters respond to things. It's a wonderful way to get in touch with my little side. And they're still fun stories, even if they're written for kids!

    Does anyone else have any wonderful books that being out their inner girl?

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    I know I'm not technically a LG but because I'm female I guess I go LG when I go little, haha. But I have to say Heidi and The Borrowers series of books were great favorites. Also The Secret Garden is a great one, IronRoyal. I love the Matilda book and related to that character a lot. (The Witches was great fun too and of course Charlie and the chocolate factory.) Beverly Cleary books are terrific and I read them when I was an actual little girl. I also read "The Babysitters Club" books a lot when I was little, but those centered on girls more in the pre-teen and young teenager age. Also Goosebumps by RL Stine were very fun books for scary stories centered either boy or girl protagonists.

    There was this other series of mystery books I read centering on a young girl character solving mysteries. It was NOT Nancy Drew. This was maybe a nine year old or ten year old girl. It seemed to be from the 1940s-1960s. They were hardcover books from the library, no pictures, probably for age 9-12 year olds. I wish I could find the name again. I've searched and searched all over with the sparse clues I have from my memory. Those books were so good I would feel like I was still inside them after I closed it. The whole world looked and felt different for hours after reading them.

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    I guess that I'm a little awkward in this case.... since well, you'll see at the end.

    Anyway, I like to read way too much romance-sob-stuff, besides science fiction related books.
    Both are way to "adult" related in my eyes, that I could enjoy them in the eyes of my little self, though there are great.
    And my little part surely love's a lot, but not partner related... in this case and sci-fi is just exciting, nothing else ^_-

    But what I really like, since my childhood, besides "The Little Witch" which I also love and this is probably the only "child" related book.... hm, is "The Little Prince".
    I just loved it in my childhood, though from the deep meaning of it, it's rather meant for adult's, more or less, but also children are capable of understanding the meaning of friendship and being human.
    Furthermore I've been really happy as we started to read it in school in french classes. Or rather my little part has been kind of..., though I haven't thought about this side of me at that time.

    It's simply one of my all-time favorites and the one that my lg part enjoy's the most ^_^!

    It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eyes...

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    I love all the classic little girl books, Heidi, The Secret Garden, and Pollyanna are personal faves. There isn't a single "5 friends" series I don't love. The older Babysitters Club books I grew up on. The Saddle Club and Pine Hollow are awesome if you are even remotely a horse girl. My latest obsession in this genre is Beacon Street Girls though. I LOVE the BSG books. There are a couple of sections that are a little cheezy or preachy, but on the whole they are adorable.

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    Steven King's "It". Sorry, it seemed funny. Actually, I love "The Little Prince" though it's about a boy and not a girl. I used to read it while playing Brahms "Requiem". I'd always cry at the ending.

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