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Thread: I'm a girl looking for infantilist friends

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    Red face I'm a girl looking for infantilist friends

    I'm Brazilian, but I am going to live in Connecticut next Fall.
    People here in Brazil do not understand my desires... I have been involved with persons who like BDSM but even they have some prejudice against infantilism/ageplay. They see this fetish as a bizarre and sickly paraphilia - they associate it with peadophilia.
    Since I was a teenager I dream about having a beautiful, clever and severe mommy... I could never feel any pleasure with "normal sex", because my infantilist fantasies are very intense.
    I am a girl but I like women... Anyway, I want to make male and female friends.
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    Hello Clarakowalick and welcome to the group.

    I am sorry but I am not upto date/withit on all of the accronimes so I am not sure what BDSM means. The general public is not familiar with the ABDL lifestyle and do make mistaken judgements about use. But you are amongest friends here. I have never been into internatonal travel, but would be interested in visiting Brizil at some point. Would I be incorrect in assuming that you would be moving to conneticut for college?

    The group is not real keen in meetups but I am sure you would find a lot of friends here.

    So would you like to tell us about some of your intrests?

    Again welcome.

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    Bondage Discipline Sadism Masocism according to wikipedia (I didn't know either) welcome from me anyway

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    Welcome to ADSIC. You'll find that there are people from across the spectrum here when it comes to Infantilism. I am sure you will find it rather easy to find and make new friends here. Just feel free to jump right on into the forums. While ADISC staff does a pretty good job keeping the riff raff down to a minimum, you might want to be careful making statements like this:

    Quote Originally Posted by clarakowalick View Post
    Hi! I'm a girl looking for infantilist friends
    If you've been around AB/DL sites for any reasonable length of time, I am sure you've already figure out that such comments or thread titles will attract a LOT of attention, some of it could be unwanted.

    So, anyhow, again, welcome to ADSIC! Hope you stay here will be a fun and pleasant one!

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    I'm female, too. It's hard being female and having this desire. Most of the people who have it are male so it makes us feel like we're strange, you know? Anyway, welcome to ADISC, there are plenty of friends to be made. Soon you won't feel like such a weirdo, once you get reading all the posts and seeing that a bunch of other people have the same crazy thoughts you do.

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    Hi! I'm a male, late twenties, from Connecticut. Would love to chat somtime if you'd like. Feel free to send me a message!

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