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    I need some advice adisc. Things have been really stressful lately, and one way I cope is with some little time. I understand it's normal for some emotions to transfer, but lately my emotions have been magnified tenfold when little.
    During some time yesterday my girlfriend (then mommy) got stern with me after I was acting bratty, and sent me to the corner. I was understandably upset, but for some reason I got more and more upset as I stood. I began crying, which is just something I don't normally do. It quickly evolved to me becoming a blithering mess, even after I got out of the corner, and my girlfriend tried to calm me down to no avail.
    We had to call it quits for the day, and I eventually calmed down. My questions are if any of you experience these "hyperactive emotions" when little? How am I supposed to release my stress when it becomes a much bigger beast when little? Is this just something I need to start seeing a psychiatrist about if I cant cope myself? Any help or comments are appreciated, thanks guys.

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    I've heard other people say this, too. Emotions are really magnified by being little. It makes sense - a little baby won't be able to deal with all those complex emotions adults feel, especially if they're upsetting or stressful. I can't really regress at all when I'm stressed out.

    When someone regresses, they take on a new role, but they're the same person, and are still affected by adult problems. So I think it would be helpful to try and resolve those problems as much as much as you can before going little. Even if it's just having a plan for what to do, or talking about your problems (which you're welcome to do here, if you like). The more you resolve things while big, the more refreshing your little time will be. I hope this helps.
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    Hey Vyse, yes I can relate to this. My emotions are certainly heightened when regressed, and a seemingly innocent gesture from my partner can have a huge impact on my emotional state even afterwards.

    As Adventurer suggests we really are quite vulnerable when we regress to that little self, and I think it's important that partners are aware of this.

    With regard to your concerns about your general well being, it could be that you do need to address some of the things that are causing your stressed state... Regression may offer some relief but its unlikely to solve your problems.

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    Agreed when you are little every thing is highly emotional. I mean try writing everything go strange

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    It's true, any little feeling can quickly be blown into something of a huge magnitude. When I'm little, if I'm watching a funny TV show, Ill start laughing and really enjoy myself, and if I've had a extremely rough day or I'm too stressed, I can't even be little. :/

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    Oh my god! And here I thought I was the only one who got overly emotional when letting my little side out! I especially feel this when I am talking with my big bro Charr and he doesn't reply for a long time without warning (meaning we would be Skype messaging each other with really quick replies up until that point), I end up getting really worried or scared and actually start to inexplicably cry. When I think about it afterwards, I can't provide a logical reason as to why in particular I was crying, but without outside closure it tends to spiral down. Then again, I get really excited really quickly too, regardless of how I had been feeling previous.

    In a way I find it a bit scary to have that loss of emotional control, but at the same time I find it freeing.

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    Emotions are tough...and in little mode even tougher...

    I've had similar experiences with things that are out of my control at he time...

    If you have a problem or stressful time...then go into a lesser capable will cause it to come to the surface and sometimes be much more prevalent as well...

    I wouldn't say this is good or bad...that depends on lots of things...

    I will say that when it happens you and your partner need to work through it...

    I've always been the one in charge my whole life...yes that guy!...

    Anyhow, now in a little space I'm not...even thou it's play...I'm not the one in charge...

    It's very relaxing, or very stressful depending on unresolved problems or issues...

    Lately I even have issues in this area myself caused from not being able to do what I used to do...

    For me...I sometimes as a little just blow off some steam...but I'm not physical there is always issues...Ever see a 6' 250# man have a tantrum...stay away!

    Anyhow, just talk with your partner and work it out, maybe as an adult or a little...I'm sure it will be a bonding experience in the end...


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    Thanks for the advice guys, it's comforting to know other people have the same types of issues. I have talked more with my partner and addressed quite a few issues. I'm curious to see how it affects my next little time, and again thanks for the advice.

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