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Thread: Rusty daddy looking for advice.

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    Default Rusty daddy looking for advice.

    I started getting into AB/DL about 16 years ago. I started as a baby but, pretty quickly, moved on to being a daddy. Some years ago I just stopped doing ab/dl stuff altogether. The other day an old diaper frie d on mine e-mailed me asking if I could be a daddy for a new friend of his that is just starting to explore his ab/dl desires. I'm not ashamed to admit that I got pretty excited pretty quick. So now I'm going to run this kid of 19 (legal, don't worry I card) through a sleepover diaper play date. I am a bit rusty, so anyone and everyone feel free to post some of your favorite playdate activities, please keep it pg-13, if you want to post something adult feel free to send me a pm. Don't think "adult activities" are going to be an issue because I don't really jump into bed with people and I'm straight, or a good 93% straight anyway. But yeah, please feel free to throw out any suggestions.

    P.S. if this is in the wrong category please let me know so I can copy and paste it where it belongs. Sorry if it is.

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    The most important thing is to find out what he likes, dislikes, and how much of an AB he is. From there start simple and work your way up depending on how he reacts. A good way for him to tell you what he likes as you play, is to have him talk to you in baby talk. One common theme I've noticed is bondage with AB-related play. It depends on the situation, but think about throwing some bondage into the play. Something simple but effective I've found other AB's to like are giant padded mittens that lock. Nothing extreme but it makes the person feel a bit more helpless. One last suggestion you could try is to get some hi-back transparent plastic pants from fetware and keep his diaper shown at all times, especially for cloth diapers.

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    I intend to find out what he likes but he so shy and subby that he won't just tell me. I mean I'm ok with trying every button until I find the one that works, it's just that I've been out for a bit and he's quite a bit younger than me so I'm not really sure how the game has changed since I last played. I love the mitten idea though, I hadn't even though about that, good idea.

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    I doubt the "game" has changed much if any...

    Depending on your suggested start small and work up from there...

    Ahead of time try to get some feeling about the genre he likes, like...

    Does he like to be dressed as a baby boy or girl?

    Does he like to be fed?

    Does he like to be an infant, toddler, little?

    Does he like to be forced to wear diapers or have them locked on some way?

    Does he like cribs, playpens, or small confines?

    Does he like to be embarrassed or outed?

    I'm sure you get the idea...

    As you get to know steer into that direction...

    Not sure what equipment you have, but try to have some stuff available...

    I'm sure you'll both have a great time...


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