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Thread: Plastic pants recommendations

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    Default Plastic pants recommendations

    I just bought the some plastic pants from baby-pants and I don't like the way they feel. I was wondering if there anyone knew of some super soft almost cloth like plastic pants. These aren't exactly what I was looking for...

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    I've got my plastic pants from Fetware Products Superior Incontinence Protection | Buy from Fetware Products, Llc. Theyhave several different styles to choose from. I have found some of their 4 mil printed styles that are soft to my likeing.

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    I got some nice plastic pants from this website! Found some that sound like what you are looking for White plastic and cotton pull up pants for adults ABDL diaper lovers and adult baby pvc pants - i got a diffrent pear what was all plasic but they look nice too! Hope this helped

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    There is a wide variety of "plastic pants" out there.
    There is the base line plain clear type and list goes on and on.
    You no doubt are looking for the soft lined type instead of a noisy crinkly rigid leg cutting leg bands.
    Readers here offer great referrals.
    Another great place is of course ebay - general LINK (ADULT BABY PLASTIC PANTS) :


    Browse around - looking is inexpensive and rewarding - - -

    Look at this individual listing:

    New Adult Baby Plastic Pants PVC Incontinence P005 5 | eBay

    I have bought several items from this seller and am real pleased with the products.
    The plastic pants are very soft flexible smooth and pleasant to wear and the best part economical.
    The only drawback is the seller is in China and my preference is to buy USA but the prices and quality are excellent.
    The shipping from Asia is not bad runs about 7 business days.

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    I like the Leakmaster high backs as they give me good protection at night. They are very soft and fairly quiet. I'm sure they make the regular size as well. There also is PUL material which is soft. It's drawback is that the leg gatherings don't stretch as much, and I find that they can leak around the legs which is not good.

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    Baby Pants or Babykins are my suggestions. The Nylon pull on pant is what I use, from babykins, and it's Nylon PUL. Very durable, machine washable/dryable and pretty quiet. Not to mention they do their job exceedingly well.

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    Cloth Diapers, Adult Cloth Diapers, Baby Cloth Diapers - Babykins & Kins Products they have some great colors and they are very soft you will love them

    - - - Updated - - - they have some great colors and they are very soft you will love them

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    I'm surprised oleman didn't mention the Dependeco diaper covers, as they're one of the few decent-looking (IMO) PUL options out there, and they come in a variety of colors/prints, which is nice. I'll be getting around to trying them one of these days, I'm sure.

    They're not "plastic pants," of course, but they might suit your needs.

    For the last 18 months or so, I've been using the 4-mil Comfort Regular vinyl pants from Changing Times. They are very thin, flexible, and soft, but not at all cloth-like. These pants are made in the US by Gary Manufacturing, the same company that makes the Leakmaster pants dogboy mentioned. These Gary-made vinyl pants are generally well-regarded and seem to hold up better than a lot of the east-Asian offerings. I'm still on my first pant, and though the elastics are showing some discoloration, there are no holes or tears. The Gary pants also have enclosed elastics, unlike the Baby Pants pants, so wetness won't be wicking out around your waist or legs.

    Good luck!

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