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Thread: Curing DLism for Heterosexuals!

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    Arrow Curing DLism for Heterosexuals!

    MATURE CONTENT!!!! & a looooong post

    1) So first things first, what I don't want is a string of replies that goes

    "no you cant quit"
    "no its impossible ABDL is with u forever"

    If youre going to say something like that then GO AWAY!!!!

    Unconstructive criticism that loops in a self-perpetuating cycle, is NOT USEFULL!!!!

    Especially when I had to go through all the crap that ABDLers throw at me. Although I accept that you may have no intention of curing ABDLism, the fact that I'm trying to does not warrant the constant wailing insistence that I get.


    2) Anyway as you may/may not know I'm an ADISC resident who would rather not have DLism. That's not to say that I hate it, I just don't want it.

    So lately to "cure" it, I've been watching normal porn... I know it sounds weird, but I used to masturbate in a diaper (before gradually "evolving" to watching diaper porn, and now Im watching normal porn (as in guy, girl, sausage, hole.. -.-)]

    Anywayyyz the last time I wore a diaper must have been a month ago. Though that may seem normal, I have this whole stash right in my room and I've kind of killed the urge to use any lately.

    This power struggle in my head is going..
    "oh i wanna wear one"
    "no i dont"

    and it ends with me not being bothered to. It's weird as hell! but I think I may be not liking diapers anymore [well at least not as much as i used to]

    Obviously the dissenters would say it's a really really long binge purge cycle. But I beg beg beg to differ.

    I think I may be on the verge of becoming a normal person [in the heterosexual sexual sense]

    I think I've reduced my liking for diapers. (the risk that I'm taking which I'm aware of is that this is a binge purge cycle =[ sad face ). However though I may still have a tinge of DLism in me, I think it is definitely less.

    The extent of this effect depends...
    Will I be able to forever erase my DLism?
    Only time will tell..

    Jack off to normal porn; if you have an urge to jack in a diaper, vs normal porn then.. remember "small steps" ..

    It's the everyday choices that gradually evolve into habits. I mean it took me the last year [effort wise] to reduce DLism; and I still obviously have an inkling towards diapers...

    So if you've reached this point --> . <-- you've read my supa long post!
    Thank you; and here's .... & Tell me what your thoughts are!
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    I wouldn't say that you're curing it...I would just say you're going through the binge-purge cycle

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    damn you Pojo. =P

    Well that's what I was fearing. But my other thought was that I am actually lengthening out my binge-purge cycle from "days" to "month[s]"...

    I mean it's all relative; what if I can lengthen it out to years and then decades and then centuries? Relatively that would basically mean I got rid of it right?!

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    Well I feel that some time or another, you'll come back to it...Even if it's at least once...But if you can extend it out, then all the power to you

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    Nothing says you can't keep extending it though, indefinitely. You wont be "cured," but it's close enough to what you want that you should keep it up and report back to us.

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    oh yeah I just want to say even if I do manage to cure it [maybe], I will still love this forum and all you funny people who inhabit it... and I promise to keep posting to it

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    I actually feel offended by the OP. You use the word "cure" like there is something wrong with us. I would deffinitly not want to change/forget/remove any of my feelings/desires. In my honest opinion, it's what makes me different than everyone else, and I kind of like it like that.

    Plus, who say's you cant be a heterosexual (or homosexual for that matter) and still have a fetish? I have 'normal' sex with my girlfriend and no diapers have ever been involved.

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    My fear is that this will be a burden on me as I grow older, especially if I get a job in the public spotlight.

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    Revolution36: Yeah sorry about the cure thing; probably should have used another word...

    woof: Yea I agree. But it's not only about a public job, but how you feel about yourself, and your family (to an extent)

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    I would of got rid of it years ago preferably if I was like 6 or 8. And maybe a year or two before I told my parents since I was kicking the shit out of myself for it. Anyway's I been fine with it for the past 7 years or so now. You just need to see that if something makes you happy and there's nothing wrong with it then whats the damn problem?

    Fine most people won't understand why I am like this but then again most people won't find out about it and the ones who do will most likely be girlfriends or boyfriends and if they don't like it whatever.

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