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    Talking Looking for Anime Artist

    I need an artist to create my Anime Look a like. I can only return my love and gratitude if you are able to do this for me, But basically these are what I have always wanted and can never ever draw it.

    The entire body is covered in a baggy black dragon onesie, The head is partially covered with the hood, But you can still see the hair and maybe an eye or two. He is also sucking a binky ( Paci ), Around his neck there is a cute strap which holds a bottle. With arm positioning he is holding the end of his tail with one and his other is in a pouch.

    There overall feel should be shy, gothic / emo and also possibly wet as diapered.

    Its a lot to ask for, But I can't seem to draw it perfectly the way I like it !!

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    That's a pretty nice idea, getting an anime drawing of yourself. I would like one too, if anyone would make one. Bit of a stretch though since I have no money for a commission and I can't draw myself.

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