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    State of Decay Debut Trailer - YouTube

    This game is awesome! For about $20 it's actually really good for the price, granted it's an Arcade game for the Xbox 360, but It's so addicting. My friend bought it and I was sampling it at his house the other day and I played from like 4pm to 2am lol XD

    I was just having way to much fun roaming the entire map, doing whatever I wanted. I especially enjoyed ramming through hordes of zombies in a vehicle(I love the Sheriff's car). This game deals with like real world needs in a survival situation like a zombie apocalypse like finding food, medicine, and other supplies, as well as keeping your survivor group sane by counseling and helping some of them deal with their anger.

    Anyone else played it?

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    I'm waiting on the PC release, hopefully it will be like 10 bucks on the Steam summer sale.

    Sadly there's no multiplayer at all from what I hear, even though the developers want to add it in. They might have it be a DLC release or a update.

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    Yeah that's true, I heard they might add it depending how the game does. I'm hoping they do add it, that would be kinda fun to play with friends. XD

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